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2 am on a Friday night....


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Well Happy fuking saint irsh day everyoone!! The city seemed to be a big piss-up tonight

Just stumbeled in. ended up going for sushi drinking sake hanging with some friend dran more smoke lots, talked about the old rave days, got a leasson on how disco balls are made up of netrons and shit, nuculear energy and nusculear boobs were discussed....

We wer etalkmg about going to filwhores but did not, well he better note .. anyon slsed drunk and on here right now?technics1200
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terrawrist III

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just also just stumbled in...had cock been in the thread title the view count would have been through thre roof...hlaf drunk at the moment but the night is till young


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I'm visiting my parents
I'm used to smoking weed every night before going to bed
triyng to sleep with no weed is proving to be hard
Finnaly fell asleep, then had a fucked up dream that woke me up leaving me gasping for breath psdu-night terror type thing
Now I cant sleep again

I wish I had weed


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The thing that sucks is also - my mom smokes weed to help her sleep and other medical reasons (Fibromyalgia,arthritis pain, etc) and some of her other meds keep her up, but pot knocks her out.

I'd go ask her for a puff, but I think she'd kick my ass for my 'recreational use' of it, lol.
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i fucking hate those weedless dream nights
for such a supposedly non-addictive drug its pretty scary when you stop for a day