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1999 big tunes

Big Boss

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What were some of the big tunes (house music wise) in 1999? I've become very nostalgic (I first started clubbing in 1999) so I want to make a cd to bring out the good ol' memories. What were some cool parties that you guys hit up in 99'?

I remember - Johnny Vicious-Ecstacy being played at Guvernment around 1999-2000. Everyone seemed to wait to hear that song before they dropped a pill. I never touched drugs at the time, but I thought that was very unique.

Here are some tunes that I've got so far

Basement Jaxx- Red Alert
Basement Jaxx- Rendez Vous
Moloko- Sing it Back
Pete Heller - Big Love
Cassius- Feelings for you


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From the 98/99 thread in the House forum :) :)

Poot said:
A few near & dear to my heart:

Brazil Over Zurich -- Dimitri and Tom

Tub - Grant Phabao

La Mouche - Cassius

Rise - Eddie Amador (think I only saw 'house music' in here)

(already mentioned & adored) Big Love - Pete Heller

Disco Highway - DJ Sandy vs. Housetrap ("overdrive...")
Poot said:
Just misses 1999, but -- Pumping - Novy vs. Eniac

Poot said:
Don't Call Me Baby - Madison Avenue (remember hearing this in September or Oct. 1999 at Industry... long before its radio overplay.)
Poot said:
House of Funk -- Neon Lights
ps: *sigh*
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super disco
disco babes from outer space
renegade master
bring back the funk
anything from dub tribe
anything from terry mullen
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i love that in everyone of big boss' threads he talks about how he doesn't do drugs, didn't do drugs, and doesn't like drugs.

just admit it: you're a fucking crackhead!
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I still like all those "Pure Wednesday" anthems from Limelight

Troy Brown-Feel Alright
Kamistra-Show you what Im capable of
You don't even know me
David Morales-Needin You

Ill think of more in a bit Im sure....

Then the jungle tunes ..and trance tunes from that year...

1999 was the best year for EDM in my mind.


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Aphrodite said:
Body Rock - Andy C and Shimon I think?

Casino Royale? J Majik?

Not to be a nitpicker but I think those were more 2001 ish weren't they?

Remember Body Rock and the whole "ClownStep" fallout? hahaha!
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spaced invader - hatiras
troy brown - feel allright
rock da spot - redline crew
sun is shinning - funkstar delux

anything on i.h.r
anything on stickman
anything from defected

actually its a blanket,

but i do have almost every piece of clubby house from 1997-2002

i should really catalogue the cheese,


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green_souljah said:
I remember the first time I heard that tune, it was the last track on side B of Czech's "Promo 98" mixtape.

Used to pump me right up....probably still would!

that was the gold tape
breaks on one side and speed garage on the other, fuckin loved that tape


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i remember listening to nightflight with dj james, followed by the late late show with deadly headley, then it was trippin with flipside, some good days listening to the good ol radio!!!

wheeeeel come again
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