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1994 Chevrolet Cavalier for sale -- $950 or BEST OFFER


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Tired of paying $3.75 a pop for the damned streetcar? Like to drive drunk and don't have the means to do it? Got a lame leg and can't walk far? Goin' on a road trip this summer and need an "adventure vehicle"?

Then you need THIS CAR!!

* good condition, low mileage (only 160,000 kms)
* 4 door, automatic
* e-tested in 2005
* new exhaust
* tuned up in January 2006 (new spark plugs, etc)
* purple w/ gray interior (photo shows car, not colour)
* location: Downtown Toronto (Yonge & Bloor)


PM me OR contact:Melanie at melstoros @ hotmail.com
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