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1977 honda cb 750 | 25000 k | $1400


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1977 honda cb 750 | 25000 k | $1400

low mileage for its age, at 25000 k.
the chain seems fine with some life in it yet.
one fork seal is solid, the other will need attention.
one very good metzler on the front, but the rear will not pass safety.
the electrics working well, but need the included flasher to be installed, as the one on the bike has burnt out.
the stock pipes are rusted out and are only for looks, a black 4 in 1 performance pipe also comes with the bike.
the battery is holding a charge well.

also included is a clymer manual, luggage rack with backrest and a cute bikini faring.

time has been kind to the classic sohc cb 750 design, the bike still looks good today.
the bike is a solid runner with plenty of miles left in her, and a shining place in history for those of you who care about such things.

mail me: jon_starchuk at yahoo.ca

"...the most sophisticated production bike ever..."

That's how Cycle magazine described the Honda CB750 when it debuted in 1969. And it was indeed - the first production bike to use a disc brake; the first modern four-cylinder road bike; as powerful as an MV Augusta Grand Prix racer fully street legal. Honda entered the large-displacement market with one of the best bikes money could buy and it instantly changed the world of motorcycling. On the street and on the track, the big Honda was the king of the motorcycling world. The CB750 was the original superbike and spawned a generation of big inline fours. The importance of this bike is undeniable; it is the "Bike of the Century".
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well, i am a starchuk, not a starchuck..
i have no idea if i am related to jason, i would prolly get further if i knew who his daddy was.

and do they want to buy my bike? i think they should.


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hey! i just bought yet another bike.
so this one has to go.

any of ya'll out in tribe land that are interested in this bike the price is reduced to $1100 for a quick sale.
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