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18 killed in German school shooting

The Truth

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18 Killed in German School Shooting

Fri Apr 26,11:44 AM ET
By JOCHEN WIESIGEL, Associated Press Writer

ERFURT, Germany (AP) - An expelled student dressed in black and carrying two guns opened fire in his former school Friday, killing 17 people before shooting himself as commandos closed in, police and witnesses said. It was one of the deadliest school shootings in recent history.

During the rampage, a handwritten sign reading "HILFE" — "Help" — was pasted to a fourth-floor window, and behind it a girl could be seen in the room. Police who later searched the Johann Gutenberg Gymnasium — which had students from grades five through 12 — said they found bodies strewn in hallways, and even bathrooms.

"We found a horrible scene," police spokesman Manfred Etzel told N-TV television.

The death toll matched that of the 1996 shooting at an elementary school in Dunblane, Scotland, where 16 children, a teacher and the gunman died. Fifteen people, included two teen-age gunmen, died in the April 1999 shooting at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colo.

The 19-year-old gunman at Johann Gutenberg fired at random with a handgun and another weapon, apparently a shotgun, police said. The unidentified teen had been kicked out of the school several weeks ago.

As police closed in, the gunman shot himself in a classroom where he was barricaded. Among the other dead were 14 teachers, two students and a policeman — who was among the first to charge into the building after a janitor called for help at about 11 a.m — Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder's office said.

Schroeder's office said the chancellor was "horrified" by the shooting.

The remaining 180 students were safely evacuated from the school, located in a residential area of the eastern city of Erfurt. After searching the building, police said they could not confirm accounts by school students that there was a second gunman.

Like other parts of the former communist East Germany, Erfurt, a city of 220,000 about 150 miles southwest of Berlin, has been economically struggling. The school, housed in a 1908 building, has a high academic reputation.

Shocked students who fled the shooting reported seeing a man dressed all in black roaming the hallways with a gun.

"I heard shooting and thought it was a joke," said 13-year-old Melanie Steinbrueck, choking back tears. "But then I saw a teacher dead in the hallway in front of Room 209 and a gunman in black carrying a weapon."

"The guy was dressed all in black — gloves, cap, everything was black," said Juliane Blank, 13. "He must have opened the door without being heard and forced his way into the classroom."

"We ran out into the hallways. We just wanted to get out," she said.

Sixth-grader Martin Streng said he was in math class when he heard gunfire coming from a classroom down the hall. As he and other students filed into the hallway to flee the building, they saw a man with a gun down the corridor behind them, Streng said.

Outside the school, a police officer with a megaphone urged parents to register their children's names before leaving the scene. Groups of dazed and shocked students huddled in the street, hugging and crying. Ambulances and police cars massed in front of the school.

It was Germany's second school shooting in recent months. In February, a 22-year-old German who recently lost his job, shot and killed two former bosses and his old high school's principal in a rampage outside Munich.

In what may be the deadliest mass killing at a school, a farmer angry about his tax bill set off dynamite at a school in Bath, Mich., on May 18, 1927, killing 43 people.



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I heard that on the radio a little while ago, and its horrible that this should happen. What I find a little retarded is that the media felt it necesssary to mention that the gunman was wearing all black. Also they mention that he was firing at random yet 14 of the 17 dead were teachers. Seems to me that the teachers were definitely being targeted.
I swear, I will never understand the motivtion of some to take their anger and frustration out on innocents and in such a fashion.
My heart and prayers go out to the families who lost loved ones in such a senseless violent manner.

Hi i'm God

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Originally posted by Skipper

Not really? Have some tact.
I ment it was funny that he posted that just as I was copying it from yahoo. Hence the "not really". Sheesh relax. It's horrible sob, sob. Better?
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Hi i'm God

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Originally posted by -Rudebwoy_Chin-

For real.
Condolences to the loved ones and families
^^ See above post. Yes it's sad. I wasnt showing humor for the dead. sheesh people are slow today you'd think it was a monday.


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Originally posted by Hi i'm God
I ment it was funny that he posted that just as I was copying it from yahoo. Hence the "not really". Sheesh relax. It's horrible sob, sob. Better?

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Originally posted by Hi i'm God
LoL! (well not really) I was just going to post this! The picture looked like Gunman kills ravers....
I think you have been desensitized, my friend, no matter what your follow ups to this comment were.


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Originally posted by janiecakes
jesus, those poor kids.
they shouldn't have worn bombs? where the hell did the get them if they weren't associated with 'those' groups? (pardon my naivity)

is it the fact that they were run over after they were shot and eaten by dogs that makes this more upsetting? had they not been spotted by the israeli soldiers and got into the settlement and killed israeli children would you be saying 'those poor kids' for the other side?

it's just all fucked i don't even care really
humanity needs a kick in the crotch...like a new ice age or the return of jesus (;)) or something 4eel
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Syntax Error

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that's fucking crazy! next thing you know that shit's gonna be happening in north america! oh wait, it already has.

lesson-the entire world is fucked up, not just us!

Littlest Hobo

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Originally posted by janiecakes
jesus, those poor kids.
It was a suicide 'bombing' (knifing). The kids got what they wanted. At least innocent people didn't get killed.

I feel sorry for the parents. No parents should see their kids go out like that.


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The fact that three 14yo would kill themselves doesn't strike you?

It's so easy to say that's what they wanted, and, thank goodness no innocent lives were lost.
What about these fucking INNOCENT children who are so hopeless that they are willing to blow themselves up for a cause.

Jay, bomb making among many Palestinian children is insanely easy and very wide spread. It costs 10$ to put together a bomb, and the techniques are passed down through the generations. It's sad.

Our Palestinian lives simply not worth anything to the world?
20 Israeli's die, and war is declared.
1300 Palestinians murdered and the world watches.

Maybe now all the post Sept. 11th celebrations in the West Bank and Gaza actually make sense...Meh. Who am I kidding, the day the Palestinian plight is really understood and condemned (in North America), I fear I will be long dead.



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i was actually talking about the kids in the school in germany.

but to answer jay's question, if israeli kids had died, then yes of course i'd say 'those poor kids'.

i'm surprised you'd even ask me that.


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i know nothing was meant by that...sorry jane. it was just a loose comment to the insanity that is happening there.

see i should just stick to smartass oneliners
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Originally posted by Syntax Error
lesson-the entire world is fucked up, not just us!
Whenever a shooting occurs in the States, people are always calling for stricter gun control. What kind of gun control laws does Germany have? Maybe that's not the problem, after all.