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1600 Electronic Music Records - All Genres!


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just posting this for a friend that isn't on the board (so don't pm me, there is an email at the end of the post):

$3200 or best offer.

This massive record collection contains approximately 1,600 12"s, LPs, 10"s and 7"s from all genres of electronic music (most from the mid/late 90s, up to 2005), including House, Techno, D&B, Electro, Breaks, Trance, Progressive (though I still have no idea what that term means...), Dub, Breaks, Urban Jazz, Downtempo, etc...you name it, it's in here!

I obtained these records from a recently defunct retailer, with the aspiration of selling them online via Discogs and the like, but am moving into a smaller apartment and simply don't have the room to store it all. The majority are in VG+ (Very Good+) to NM (Near Mint) condition, with many having never been opened or played, and most are saleable between $5 - $10, with several collector's items ($20 - $60) in the mix. As is it former retail stock, there are multiple copies of a few items - this collection would be best suited for someone who is looking to open a used record store (physical or online), or who would like to add to existing stock.

Please do not inquire about individual records, as I am looking to sell the entire lot at once. At $3200, this works out to $2 a record, which is a great deal by any standard - however, I am open to *reasonable* offers (lowballers will be laughed at derisively...). Pictured below is part of the collection, with another, nearly full cabinet up for grabs. Please be aware that the cabinets themselves are not for sale, and that the collection is pick-up (downtown Toronto), only.

Please contact me at siddhis-r-us at hotmail dot com with any further questions. Thanks for looking!

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unique2100 said:
Can I take the lot of drum and bass records of your hands at$2 a tune. Hit me up on pm.

Please do not inquire about individual records, as I am looking to sell the entire lot at once.

so no....you can't.

i think it's from a shop in toronto. beyond that....not a clue. like i said, just posting it for a friend.


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update from my friend:

Hey there! I've pared down the collection by a considerable amount, and removed most of the dreck (classic rock and such - Rod Stewart picture disc, anyone?). There are now roughly 1200 records in the lot, and the asking price has been lowered to $2000 OBO. Again, please no inquiries about individual records - it's all or none!

Also, in taking a more in-depth inventory, I've noticed that there's a fair bit of Hip-Hop, Rap, Reggae and Urban Jazz/Downtempo to be had, as well as the aforementioned genres in the original post.


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If these don't sell by the end of the month, they're going into storage for a while, so the asking price is now dropped to $1800 - an even $1.50 per record. Contact siddhis-r-us at hotmail dot com with any inquiries