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**1200's, Mixer and Final Scratch - FOR SALE**


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Hey ya'll,

A good buddy is moving and needs to unload his gear. He would prefer to sell as a package, but willing to sell piece by piece if necessary:

* 2 x 1200MK2's (silver) with Sure SC35C needles (used infrequently)
1 mint condition ($600)
1 decent condition (when pitched way up it goes off a tad). Dust cover slightly damaged but usable ($500)

* DJM600 Mixer ($700)
Good condition. 1 Fader needs replacing

* Final Scratch Program ($600)
Never been used - still in its original packaging
USB hub, software, A/C adapter, etc.

Whole package for $2000

DO NOT PM ME if you are interested - please email the seller at:
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room