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12 Monkeys TV show review


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I was kind of skeptical when I heard they were making this into a TV series, but so far it is not too bad. The female lead is kinda hot, and it's about time travel from a post-apocalyptic future, which hooked me.
It kind of has an Orphan Black feeling to it at times - I guess it may be shot in Toronto or something (not sure).

Makes me want to watch the 12 Monkeys movie again too..
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I recently watched the source inspiration for 12 Monkeys, La Jetee.

It's a B&W short from 1962. It's done in stills with narration. It's great. I also revisited 12 Monkeys not long ago too. It's still fun.
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Not bad. Not amazing - but not bad!

We'll see how it evolves. Female lead seems very strong in all respects - could be one to watch in coming years...


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Ha well that's why I don't know her!

She got chops though. Could see her havin a good long career!
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