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10sui ( the uk's hottest female breaks dj) tour dates available


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available March 23rd - April 20th 2002

[TCR, BOTCHIT & SCARPER, NINJA TUNE UK] http://www.tcr.uk.com
Back to the states once again is the UK's finest female breakbeat artist, 10sui. She achieved international stardom last year for her superb mixing and compiling of the TCR 50th CD & album, and she is on a roll again with new releases out, on the always spectacular, Botchit and Scarper.

10sui has a bright history and future. She joined the Ninja Tune Crew on part of their '97 UK tour taken part in the legendary Solid Steel Kiss 100 FM Radio show. Since then she has moved on to work with TCR and Botchit and Scarper. She has recently released a remix of Rennie Pilgrems "Paranoia" on Botchit Breaks 4 and is working on new collaborations with Breakneck. Check out more about 10sui and the TCR 50th @ www.tcr.uk.com

please contact Josh @
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Jeremy Jive

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by D-Monic:
You and your Topless Set fantasy...</font>
I had a dream that you spun topless. I haven't gone out since. And quit frankly the therapy isn't helping. Keep your shirt on.

jeremy -that was two years ago- jive
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Adam Duke

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this was a post made to make fun of the a-typical heterosexual response.

Besides...I saw the pic in the other thread anyways.