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Hey, so I'm looking at big files. They range from 1.5GB to 26GB for a typical release. I'm not up to date on the codecs used these days... what's the diff and are there quality ones that are worth looking out for, e.g. x264 and format source (BluRay BRRip, etc.)? Appreciate your thoughts on size vs quality.
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honestly, most movies that are downloaded and encoded and unless its a PROPER blue ray rip, will be in the 1.5-2.5 GB range, going all the way up to like you said 26+ gb.

x264, mkv, etc are all fine when in the lower end. and it also really depends on the people encoding and the tools they use.

more and more HD encoding compression is allowing really nice looking files to come i at not massive sizes.

Best way to test, i would download the 720p/1080p/1080p Blue Ray versions, of the same film.

check out how each displays on your TV, to get a good feel for the difference in output and quality.

its also good to find a particular uploader, that does good work and try and consistently get stuff from them.

im still rocking my 4-5 year old 46" LCD, so i just download 720p-1080p depending on the size and whether i want to keep it to rewatch later. BUt i dont ever splurge on the massive BR rips as i dont think it makes a real difference in what i have tested on my current set up.


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It makes a difference for mine. Banding and shadow detail are the most common artefacts I will see on 8 gig files.

on releases I care about I go to 12-26 gigs, depending on how much I care.

If something less important will do 4 gig 720p files no problem.

May not matter depending how accurate your display is...
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I just take luck of the draw - if I really want the most pristine, untouched quality I buy the bluray.

I take whatever the curation gives me @ my private site.