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100 Booty Hard House and Florida Booty Bass Records For Sale


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There's some great records here. They're super fun to play and some of them are worth a few bucks on Discogs.

Lets start at $3 each, so $300 for the lot of them. Possibly willing to deliver but I'm located in Mississauga near Square One.

If anyone has any other ideas of forums to post these on please PM me the links. Kajiji wont allow based on all the swearing in the titles LOL

Booty and Hard House

Whit Label - Work It Booty Banger - LTD 002

Dj Urban - Ass Trax - IHR9043
Dj Urban - Ass Trax - IHR9043
Fast Eddie - Over And Under - IHR9014
Rick Garcia - Fuckin Raw - IHR9013
Dj Funk - Funkgazim - IHR9023
Disco - My Turn - IHR9035
Disco - My Turn - IHR9035
Disco - Ghetto Fabulous - IHR9034
Disco - Ghetto Fabulous - IHR9034
Disco - Ghetto Fabulous - IHR9034
Waxmaster - Off The Hook - IHR9033 Test Press

Dj Funk - Street Trax - UGT001

Dj Funk Ghetto House Anthems - DJ001 - test press
Dj Funk Ghetto Houz'3 - DJ004
Dj Funk Ghetto Houz'4 - DJ005

Dj GOdfather - Mr Big Dick - DB006
Dj Godfather - How U Do That - DB009
Dj Godfather - See U No Mo - DB 011
DJ Nasty - Oral Sex EP - DB 040
Dj Godfather - Freak Em Down - DB 035

Dj Assault - Love The Pussy - ITU014
Dj Assault - Love The Pussy - ITU014
Dj Assault - Off the Chain EP - ITU007
Dj Assault - Ass-N-Titties - ITU015
Dj Assault - Ass-N-Titties - ITU015

Dj Assault - Sex In The City EP - JA508

Dj Assault - The Hot Shit EP - Assault Riffle Records -?

Dance Mania - Dj Deeon - Funk City - DM067
Dance Mania - Eric Martin - Explore The World Vol 1 - DM145

Adamatic - Jack U Up - PROX044
Dj Urban - Ghetto Celebrity - PROX040
Wyndell Long - Twist Dat Azz EP - PROX041

TraXXXsters - The Beginning - UC200
Louis Bell - 12" of Big Dick - GS011
Hard Trax II - All You Ho'z - UC359
Dj Josh COllins - Coming Full Circle EP - UC355
Cosmic Pimp - Audio Systems EP - UC413
Cosmic Pimp - Audio Systems EP - UC413
DJ RIP - Digital Distortion EP - UC403
Dj Trajic - Noize Junky 3 - UC300
Alex Peace - Tra'ke Ho'lik - UC259
Alex Peace - On A Mission - UC232
UC Anthems Vol 3 - UC421
UC Anthems Vol 4 - UC422
Steve Santoyo- Traxx Made In Da Hood - UC217
Trajic - Headbangers - UC276
Trajic - Greates Hits - UC393
Robot Man - UC415
Sex Kraz'd Superstars - Feelin Horney - UC207
Mark V vs Michael Trance - Red Light District EP - UC405
GameBoy _ track and Play - UC311
Mark V and Poogie Bear - House Bangers 2 UC283
Mark V and Poogie Bear - House Bangers 2 UC283
Mark V and Poogie Bear - House Bangers - UC253
Trajic - The Concrete Cowboy
Lego - Flava In Ya Ear Vol 1 - UC328
Mark V - Something For The Kids part 2 - UC417
The Funk Box - UC304
Dynamic Duo - Back With a Vengance - UC260
Fast Fingaz Franky - The Insomnia EP - UC387
Fast Fingaz Franky - The Insomnia EP - UC387
Joey 2X and Dj Tension - Fuckin Up Your Audio - UC320
Ralphi Rosario - Do You Like THe Way That It Feels - UC305

Josh R and Kid Wicked - The Phat EP - NRG137
Dj RIP - The Floor Mover EP - NRG166
Beat Nymphoz - Digital Box - NRG175
Josh Collins - Street Level EP vol 3 - NRG159
Da Kangol Kid - Down Wif Anuda One - NRG170

Cyberkid - Step Up EP - HSR005

House Marty - Chisel - CH-1798

Wax Works presents Ruff Rider - WWR-1302

Nemesis Vs The Punisha - Battle For your Mind EP - GM-002

Mark V and Poogie Bear - House Bangers - Body Movin - MO11

The Mercenaries - The First Strike - OVER-0800

BunnyMad69 - Porn To Be Wild - God Made Me Hardcore - GMMH2305

Dj Trajic - The Mid/West Coast EP - GRD001
Mark V and Poogie Bear - Drop Da Funk - GRD016

Gen Hunt - Wired - CTM9803
Beat Junkies - Rock Shit - CTM9806

The Five Star EP - Bounce Records - Bounce 003

Matt Johnson - LA's Crazy White Boy - M2M006

Aj Mora - Floor Moovers - ABO21
Aj Mora - Floor Moovers 2 - ABO39

Florida Booty Bass

69 Boyz - Tootsie Roll
Duice - Dazzey Dūks
Dj Dick - Bass Dog white label
6'1" Dog And The City Boys – Drop That Thang (Remix)
X-Change - Yeah I'm Freaky
M-4 Sers* - Roll, Pump, Shake & Ride
Raheem The Dream – Short Shorts
95 South – Whoot! There It Is
Luke - It's Your Birthday
69 Boyz – Kitty Kitty
A-Town Players – A-Town Drop
Puppies, The – Funky Y-2-C
Breakdown – Dip Baby Dip
Kat – Do You Wanna Go Party
DJ Uncle Al – Mix It Up
Doggy Stile – Jelly Roll
M.C. Unlimited – Shake That Booty


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For $125 i'd prob keep them. I'm just trying to make room. I'm not low on cash. Saying that i am willing to listen to all offers and there is room for negotiation.


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What's the difference between Florida Booty Bass and say West Virginia Booty Bass?

Just curious.
Not sure if you're serious. Florida Booty was/is a genre that originated from Flroida believe it or not. I'm sure that there were lots of records produced outside of Florida that would still fall under the Florida Booty genre label.


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Is this still available? Also, I'd be willing to split with someone if that's still a possibility (note, I'm particularly interested in the Funk)