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10 years of Beatport stats

The Truth

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Who has sold the most records on Beatport since they launched ten years ago? And what's Beatport's best selling genre? Find out the answers and a whole lot more below.






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I don't think 90s-era Umek would have made that chart. :D





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I just checked the beatport top 10 Deep house chart.

uh....that's not deep house.

sounds more like prog/trance


just checked traxsource top 10 deep house. umm shit, i guess deep house has gotten popular cause it's sounds like trance and prog.

soulful house, afro house and latin top 10 sounds more like what i would consider deep house

and LOL at dubstep.
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Octo, come to The Steady tonight! Not deep house: Andy Capp and Jason Palma - you will like this party.


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it's interesting to see how these beatport stats correlate with what ive observed in this city's clubs in the past 10 years... seems to be spot on regarding Toronto trends in that 10 year period.
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Oh how the mighty have fallen.

No longer at the big kid table, now you're sales neighbours with your malcontent cousin's drum & bass.


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Can Beatport really be considered the definitive guide on the popularity of EDM genres though? Aren't their sales heavily skewed towards deep house/tech house, etc. because more people in those scenes tend to source from Beatport vs the proportion of people in other scenes?

Case in point: If I'm listening to a tech house set and am digging an obscure track, I am unlikely to find a lot of the obscure stuff (which is what makes tech house, tech house) on iTunes or piracy sites, but I can easily find it on Beatport.

On the flip side, a genre like Trance is all about the crowd pleasers, and more popular, less obscure tracks, are readily available on iTunes, and piracy sites.

Also of note, the top genres appeal to us aging, working, former ravers who can now afford to and are willing to buy music.

I find the charts interesting for trend spotting on Beatport, but I don't think it goes further than Beatport...