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10 doller gift idea?


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ok so my family has a sorta of secret santa thing where we buy a gift for 10-20 bucks...and theres 30 of us so we draw numbers from 1-30 and the person with number 1 picks a gift from under the tree and the person with number 2 can either take another gift under the tree or "steal" the gift number 1 has already opened and so on....

so anyways I need help...nothing to serious as this is just a game that the relitives do aside from gifts to each other...but any suggestiins?>??

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um, don't you think you're cuting it close???:D

a $20 HMV gift cert

(unless of course evryone in your family is on slsk)



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In that case, go get CD-Rs for someone.

Or a martini set. Kitchen Stuff Plus and Shoppers is good for stuff like that.

You can never go wrong with a hoodie. Everyone wears those whether at home or out. Try Winners too.
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