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1 terrabyte SSD drives getting cheaper!


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SSD prices continue to fall. You can get a 1TB Samsung EVO for $180 or a 500 GB for $99 right now. It is expected to fall another 20% at least in 2019.

Shit almost makes me want to get another one... haha

but 1 TB Samsung 960 EVO i already have more than enough for super fast storage.

You use mechanicals for mass storage!

Still - a 2nd one opens up RAID 1 options.... hmmmm
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I was looking at the Samsung 860 Evo 500GB but I bought the Intel 545s 512GB instead. Got it for $75+tax which works out to about 16.5c/GB.


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Crucial had a 2tb SDD on black friday for 199

I ended up purchasing a seagate ironwolf 3TB for $99 (NOT SSD) and a synology DS218play for $250 from newegg.ca
still looking at the WD elements 8TB for $180 from BB and schuking it into my NAS
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