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1 Room for Rent: Beautiful 2 bdrm downtown apartment

Booty Bits

TRIBE Member
a friendly acquaintance of mine is currently residing in a beautiful spacious apartment right at dundas and ossington. she is looking for a roommate, to move in a.s.a.p.
the bedroom you would have is quite large and has a nice big window too.
your prospective roomie is a hair stylist/colourist and a very cool chick.

this apartment is SWEET and newly renovated too. i bet you would fall in love with it if you went to view it. its $700 plus utilities.

if you're interested, you can reply here or send an email directly to your soon-to-be roomie at pauline<nospam>@paulinenorton.com

i am also friends with the 2 guys who live in the apartment upstairs and they are 2 of the most stand-up guys i know.

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