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1 Room avail. in shared house.


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I'm going to be moving out this spring/early summer, which means my fantastic bedroom in a house full of lovely ladies will be available.

the details:

Rent is $700 a month, plus utilities.

The bedroom itself is absolutely gigantic, and very cool. I'd say it's about 18x20-some-odd feet... I'll take exact measurements this evening. It has THREE closets, a stair case, a built in vanity, and a "reading nook" with a sky light through to the living room. The floor is tiled, so if you have allergies, you're in luck.

The house is located RIGHT in front of U of T campus. It's practically on the corner of College and St George. You're about a ten minute walk from Queen Street and all amenities.

The apartment itself is three bedrooms, with three floors. You'll be sharing it with two young professionals who are very outgoing and friendly. (our very own "sassy" for those who know, and her best friend Court) The house has air conditioning, two bathrooms, washer/dryer, dishwasher and a walk out to the balcony off the second floor. There's also a very large deck on the front porch- perfect for reading in the summer.

I'll post more info as I think of it, as well as photos.

I'm looking to move out for June 1st, but if you need to move in earlier (May 1st) I can accomodate that if absolutely necessary.

Please PM me with any questions or email me at troubleonthaloose@yahoo.ca

Thanks :)
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there's a couple of pics... i'm trying to host some more! :)

[edit: no, sunny does NOT come with the room...:rolleyes: ]