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1 pair of used Technics 1200M3d silver for sale


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Hi Everyone,

I have a used pair of Technics 1200M3D tables in silver for sale.

I bought them new 5 years ago but they spent about a year and a half in storage while I was overseas, so they haven't been in use the whole time.

I haven't used them much since I returned in the fall and between my friends and I, we have 3 pairs of tables so I don't really need these anymore.

I wouldn't say they are in excellent condition. There small scratches here and there on the sides and the U shaped clips on the ground wires are gone. They have been transported to and from a few parties (and rocked them all) but they weren't being moved around on a regular basis.

I don't have heads/cartridges for them but I do have the dust covers and the boxes (without foam). They would also need new slipmats.

I am asking $1100 cash for the pair.

I live downtown. I could potentially delivery somewhere in the GTA but I would have to borrow a friend's car.

PM me or send me an email at teststarr(at)hotmail(dot)com.

Here are a few pics



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