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**1 BR IN 3 BR Apt For Rent June 1st, Bathurst and Eglinton**


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Hey guys,

My current roomate is doing an internship which is ending at end of May. He will be leaving and I will be looking for a new roomate to move in. The specs of the apartment are below, if you have any further questions please feel free to send me a pm or email djpauze at rogers dot com

- Available June 1
- 2 Floor Apartment
- 1 Bright comfortable bedroom
- Loads of storage
- Month-to-Month lease (1st and last required).
- 3-bedroom/1-bathroom Apartment
- Rent is 550 not inclusive (utilities about 100 max per month).
- Free cable, but you must pay for Rogers internet.
- No Frills grocery very close by.
- Tons of restaurants Downstairs.
- 5 minute walk to Eglinton West station.
- Roomate is 27 year old straight male, responsible and employed full time days. There is no one else living in the 3rd room.
- Students welcome but no serious partying during the week.
- No smoking in the apartment
- No pets




Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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not related.. but your buffet is nice.. is it teak? My parents have something similar.. they dont' make furniture like that nowadays..


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LOL, funny that you mention that. This is my parents old set, i have the chairs and matching dining room table to go with it.