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1 bedroom apartment for rent Jan 1st 2004 or asap


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Basically its available as soon as possible. The price is the same, but if you take it before March first, its 700 per month for the first two months (Jan/Feb), including cable, heat, hydro, electricity. Phone is the only thing extra. There is one parking spot available for $25.00.

The apartment is a long, spacious one bedroom on the top floor of an old house. The exact address is 1593 Dupont Street. Its off of Dupont and Symmington, 5 minutes to Dundas West station by bus, 10 by walking. Theres also a bus going along Dupont to St. George station. There is a Zellers, Shoppers. Price Chopper, No Frills, and Loblaws nearby. There is also a beer store 2 minutes away, a PHO restaurant, and 2 Churrascarias (portugese chicken houses). The apartment is great really, but im moving in with someone else so right now its sitting vacant and Im paying rent.

If you were to take it halfway through the month, it would go on a pro-rated basis (half the rent of the month).

The layout is like so:

Thanks for reading and if you know anyone then please forward this message to them. Please PM me with any more questions.

<in case you are wondering, the old thread will be/ was deleted because it was misleading. It was one year old, so I decided to start a new thread instead>


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yeah if you wan pictures I can get you some. I have some on my HD here, of a party I had, to give you an idea of how big this place is.



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It is still available. If you took it now, the rent would be 1100 for both january and february. let me know, and pass the word please.




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basically once march first rolls around, thats up to you if you want to stay there or not, and pay first/last. im subletting it jan/feb, and no i dont require febs rent til feb one. jans rent will be done on a pro-rated basis. so feb would be 700, and jan 500 (hence 1100)
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im showing the place tonight

if she doesnt take it its still available

please let me know asap if youre really interested or just wasting my time, because some people have shown interest only to wane into the sunset

dont contact me if you dont intend on wanting to see it. i dont free up my time so that i can get punked off. karma goes a long way.
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