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1 AudioPro 1200 amp + pair of Monitors $600 obo + 17" svga monitor for $75


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I bought a pair of Behringer Truth's a while ago and thought I'd hold on to this AudioPro 1200 amp but I just don't see the point anymore.

So, I'm gettin rid of it and I'm even throwing in a pair of Cerwin Vega Monitors to sweeten the deal.

This is a great starter setup for up and coming producers. The cheapest self powered monitors these days are gonna run you atleast $900 / pair. Unpowered monitors need a bit of juice to run them so your lookin at atleast $500 for a pair of Yorkville basic monitors + an amp to run them bringing the total to atleast $900.




Unique 2 or 4 ohm optimum load operation gives the AP-1200 amp flexible output power as required. A simple user definable configuration allows it to deliver 600 Watts per channel continuous average into either 2 or 4 ohms (1000 Watts peak per channel into 4 ohms this is our normal configuration), it also has the ability be paired to get 1200 Watts per channel continuous average into 4 ohms (2000 Watts peak per channel into 4 ohms) . The switchable limiter prevents audible clipping while maintaining full output. retailed for about $1500 new.


1 x 8" subwoofer and bullit tweeter


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