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Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by gasper, Oct 17, 2005.

  1. gasper

    gasper TRIBE Member

    a few questions:

    - what was it?

    - how much would it cost to bring it back?

    - what woud you put on the new message?
  2. patio-d

    patio-d TRIBE Member

    my man diego tried last year... the number is owned...
  3. Bass-Invader

    Bass-Invader TRIBE Member

    there must be a recording of it somewhere on the internet. one could make a 1800golftip.com and spread the joy to the internet
  4. MoFo

    MoFo TRIBE Member

    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, ...7, 8

    Always paused a bit on 7.

    I fell in love with him in 1992.
  5. gasper

    gasper TRIBE Member

    "The number you have dialed cannot be reached from your calling area," says the automated response.

    I wonder what area it is reachable from??

    Maybe it's not dead, but rather is on tour.
  6. MoFo

    MoFo TRIBE Member

    Dood, I called that 8 years ago from a payphone at Queen and John and it still broke, yo.
  7. Aerius Zension

    Aerius Zension TRIBE Member

    Never heard of it, I'm calling from work tomorrow.
  8. thom100

    thom100 TRIBE Member

    ok so I do admit I just smoked a bowl...but really wtf is going on in here?
  9. Dr. Grinch

    Dr. Grinch TRIBE Member

    I miss that guy man :(
  10. gasper

    gasper TRIBE Member

    you're not from around here, are you? ;)

    (oh, and check pms)

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