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1/2 Cigarettes


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So I woke up entertwined, with a crafty person in my bed. My bedroom.

Oh, so how deeply, did I decide to inhale the hair. Man? Woman?

Oh well of course, one could know that it was a metrosexual male. Beautiful.

So the original post was deleted but I can tell you this much:

Oh I met a French gentleman, happens to study at UW, he declined my advances.

Then I met two Brits, by complete accident, a long story happened here. Then we met the American, at the Serbian bar.

But what struck me as new, are these two lovely homeless people, to whom I've given salvage. At least, that is, until I find a replacement.

Ah, because you see, I am a gentle introvert, and despite my wealth, many people need a roof. The pleasant, relaxed giggles from my other room, those sounds tell me that I have not made a mistake.


"Kifto" is raw beef, blended with spice, finally AFWARKI would sell it to me. He thought white people would never eat that. Aha. Tasty, raw, spicey. The story goes on. I met some homeless people and I offered my house to them. I am St Francis.
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