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0=0 set for "The Prophecy" 89.5FM CIUT


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hey..thanks to DJ Prime I finally got a chance to fill in for Marcus Visionary on Toronto's legendary "Prophecy" radio show on CIUT 89.5 FM...



Bungle Ney Faustina - 4All
Skitty - People Stare
Tactile - Changing Slowly [Forthcoming Timeless]
Breakage - Questions VIP [Never Coming Out]
Higher Sense - Cold Fresh Air (Cyantific Remix) [Moving Shadow]
Equinox - Rockers International [Forthcoming Bassbin]
Miracle - Dubbed Wid Subtitles [Forthcoming Valve]
Battle Boyz (Feat. Stranjah) - The Void [unsigned]
Mishko - Distorted Stringz ["I tell the dj what to play"]
0=0 - Abolished [Intasounds]

this was the mix portion i pre-recorded..there was another part with loose tracks..but unfortunately i don't have a recording of that...which is a shame because the tunes were dope and "exclusive"..



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outofcontrol said:
I'm really diggin this mix.

and sounds really good for a 128k mp3.

all those producers are pretty phenominal so it's hard to make their stellar mixdowns sound like shit.

especially Tactile and Miracle...