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    Kudos From Your Employer

    big up my boy Jer...congrats bro!
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    fashion faux pas

    pic for jeremy i snaped this at the autoshow last saturday...a bunch of thugs checking out the "hop hop chains" hahahahah
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    Christina Aguilerra isn't a slut, why would you say that?

    i think that she looked her best in the "come on over video" when she had the red highlights in her hair...and she was wearing that tight wight jump-suit...that was her best look IMO!!! but shes definitly got a good voice, so just deal with the "dirty" im sick of people bitching about...
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    Fabio & Grooverider

    it was a fun night....the music was good, recognized a lot of tunes from fabio and grooverider's sets on dnb arena...it was cool to hear them rinsed live... however, the highlight of my night was sitting in the back watching 4 absolutly gorgeous girls dancing infront of me....I noticed that...
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    the man from brazil

    ^^^ yeah...but i fell in love with some random hot girl as usual...
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    New Missy Eliot track.

    "Don't I look like a Halle Berry post-ah?" ummmmmm not even close!!!! and "Cut the lights off so you see what I can do" i sure hope the lights are off if you're getting it on with missy!!! i dont think anyone deserves to see that in full view....especially with the lights on!!!
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    New Missy Eliot track.

    i cant stand the chorus part...like what the hell is she saying???....is it played backwards or something???....i dunno....its kinda catchy...but i dont really like it! meh
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    Christina Aguilera on Rolling Stone cover

    forget about christina....look at that guitar..woooohooooo....paul reed smith custom CE 24 with AAA maple top...booya......i'd love to own that
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    where do you work?

    i work at volkswagen canada...too bad i only work like once a week right now when im at work i see this:
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    Hot Women behind the decks thread

    ^^^ thanks
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    Hot Women behind the decks thread

    i dont know what her name was...but i remember a hottie spining dnb in the tribe tent at WEMF...i wasnt there, but her pic was posted in the WEMF thread! somebody hook it up!
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    Caddy Cad on drumnbass arena

    yeah, i hope that they release the lush and rukkus set....im sure they tore it up as well ! lush....best toronto dj, hands down!
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    Caddy Cad on drumnbass arena

    i love listening to caddy...he makes me laugh...but did you hear his Canada rhyme??? can you say "ghetto" ???? but anyways... 'nuff respect to the caddy cad for holding it down proppa!!!
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    tune ID

  15. V

    tune ID

    does anybody know the name of the tune at the 40 minute mark of the andy c, skibbadee poll winner set on dnb arena is called? its got a ragga vocal that says "more fire" ....totally sick sick tune!!!! thanx in advance peace
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    i spin like....

    i dont like to compare myself...but people often tell me, that i remind them of andy c....
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    hey Avril, meet Brody

    she look like'a man !!!! - miss swan
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    My mom saw Avril @ the Belleville Wallmart.

    dude...avril is hot....just because you found one bad pic of her does not mean that she is "fugly"....and she does have some talent....she has a fairly decent voice and she can play the guitar...thats more than i can say for some pop stars *cough*britineyspears* cough ease up on the bashing...
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    i agree with nat, no contest....LUSH hands down.... the guys tears it down everytime!!!!
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    RnB: Jazzy Jeff @ Roxy Blu Sat Jul 27th

    are tickets available at the door? i dont wanna get there and find out that there are no tickets available at the door!!!