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    Dave Allison- 3hrs Live at Piknic Electronik- Sept 1st

    3 hours live @ the Guru stage on Labour day http://soundcloud.com/dave-allison/live-at-piknic-electronik a labour of love baconpan
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    Dave Allison - The Lovebath Guest Mix *

    http://soundcloud.com/dave-allison/lovebath-guestmix deep disco flava's u know! :D
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    SLOW HOUSE..? (err Swishahouse?)

    Mitzi - All I Heard ( Dave Allison Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD http://soundcloud.com/dave-allison/all-i-heard reaching a milestone of half a million soundcloud plays - & as a thank you, Here's a free download to my Remix of Mitzi Band's "All I Heard" thanks for supporting! baconpan
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    Dave Allison - "Summer Sun" Mix

    ** New Mix ** http://soundcloud.com/dave-allison/summer-sun deep funkin' disco mid tempo grooves - 1-Larse -Duo- Dikso 2-Frank Booker - It's Time- Kolour LTD 3-Tonbe- I Feel Lucky - Happy Days 4-The Sunburst Band- Taste The Groove-(Hot Toddy)- Z Records 5-Crazy P- The Hit- Kolour...
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    Dave Allison * slo-mo guest mix for Clubbing Shanghai*

    *brand new slo-mo guest mix * https://soundcloud.com/clubbingshanghai/dave-allison-kinjo-music Track List 1- Gredits - Doin' It Deep- Sccucci Manucci 2- Hotbox- Lazy Jingle Jam- Editorial 3-Heion feat. Miss Bee- Take Our Time- Editorial 4-JKriv- Something Special- Editorial...
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    Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee -NU World Order - Mix Tape # 5

    check the new Mix , 1 hour of deep grooves and disco vibes for Nu: The Outer Space Disco Dancing Society of Chicago http://soundcloud.com/dave-allison/nu-mix-tape-5 Catch Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee - June 7th @ Neo Night Club in Chicago! <3
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    Dave Allison -"Counterpoint" LP - Just released *

    Dave Allison's 14 track full length album "Counterpoint" is comprised of originals and remixes from the past few years. It has a bit of everything (including new & unreleased tracks) and ranges from Downtempo Jazz to Disco & Deep House . It is available now on exclusively pre-release...
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    SLOW HOUSE..? (err Swishahouse?)

    Mayer Hawthorne re-edit http://soundcloud.com/dave-allison/no-strings
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    SLOW HOUSE..? (err Swishahouse?)

    Editorial #24 Out Now* Twenty Four Seven by Ed Wizard/Disco Double Dee/The New Black/Rabo & Snob/Vinyladdicted on MP3 and WAV at Juno Download http://soundcloud.com/dave-allison/do-it-one-more-time
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    Mitzi -"All I Heard" (Dave Allison Slo-Mo Disco Remix)

    Hey, here's a new remix I did for the Aussie Band "Mitzi" have a listen : http://soundcloud.com/dave-allison/all-i-heard baconpan D
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    SLOW HOUSE..? (err Swishahouse?)

    Guess who *NEW* http://soundcloud.com/dave-allison/power-of-funk
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    SLOW HOUSE..? (err Swishahouse?)

    Lakeside - funky re -tweak * http://soundcloud.com/dave-allison/on-the-one
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    SLOW HOUSE..? (err Swishahouse?)

    yep . me again new joint **** http://soundcloud.com/dave-allison/do-it-one-more-time baconpanbaconpanbaconpan :eek::eek:
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    Deep-House or Disco? - where lines blurr

    http://soundcloud.com/dave-allison/sweet-2-me :cool:
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    SLOW HOUSE..? (err Swishahouse?)

    Chunky funk doggie? :cool: http://soundcloud.com/dave-allison/block-party
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    SLOW HOUSE..? (err Swishahouse?)

    thanks man ;) FYI - OUT TODAY Editorial # 21 - le funk box - featuring 3 jams off this mix:::: Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee/Dj Steef/Hotbox/Dj Moar/Thomass Jackson: Le Funk Box at Juno Download
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    SLOW HOUSE..? (err Swishahouse?)

    ** October Live Mix ** http://soundcloud.com/dave-allison/october-mix -FULL TRACKLIST-- YSE Saint Laur’Ant – Freeze Frame- Whiskey Disco Future Feelings- Skyline – Los Grandes DJ Moar – French Funk- Editorial Luvless – Motion Clapture - Foto Frank Booker - The Sun- Sleazy Beats...
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    New Funky Slo-Mo Mix *October* (Dave Allison )

    knock , knock.. guess who? :D new Slo-Mo disco mix, for your Monday Blues ! http://soundcloud.com/dave-allison/october-mix recorded last thursday live @ my weekly pub gig - --FULL TRACKLIST-- YSE Saint Laur’Ant – Freeze Frame- Whiskey Disco Future Feelings- Skyline – Los...
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    Dave Allison - Fall into The Groove Mix ( live, sept 6th) Slo-Mo *

    thanx, glad ya dig zee mixy ! :D