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    Suicide Bombers

    Some people give up their lives for their love then some other people have other reason to give up. :(
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    It's hard opening my yahoo mail!

    Damn, what happened?! I can't access to my yahoo mail on their www.yahoo.ca or www.yahoo.com site for 2 or 3 days! :mad: Is this happening to everyone? or just me? I use Rogers. Could it be why? I'm nervous... Help people!
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    Your first post on Tribe

    I was asking how do i supposedly speak to my loving friend.
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    Bal en blanc 8 - Montreal??!

    $75!!? I heard that Bal en blanc is a good party but, i'm not a filthy rich... :( btw PVD came to TO time to time. ;)
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    Simpsons Tonight YAY

    Damn... I only saw the last 5 min. of the tonight's episode They were playing Hamlet! I should have been watched it all... :(
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    Canadian Tire Catalog!!!!!

    I just picked mine a minute ago. I can say their free lip balm is the best. Its menthol flavour is just so special. You can get one free if you sign up a membership card. I should sign up one more time again. ;) coz it's not 4 sale...
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    MSN messenger

    I use ICQ and MSN. They both good although I like ICQ little more. :) but, but... WHAT the hell is that? This sounds great!
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    Raptors Win

    Let's cheer Raptors~~~ :)
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    What dj's would you like to see this summer?

    DJ Taucher and Sasha~ Some good DJs are already coming this year though.
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    Ferry Corsten @ GUV

    Yes! It was great night to remember. Ferry Corsten rocked the place! I could see that people were concentrating to enjoy the music. I so enjoyed when he played his own classic 'out of the blue' One bad thing was it was overpacked... I don't how was upstairs like but there was no room to dance...
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    TBK stands for what?

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    Buy 16x LG. It was good. Make sure you have ATI board and ATI DVD Player or Have PowerDVD. WinDVD was not nice compare to above.
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    What Pre-1985 Video Game Character Are You?

    -_-; it wasn't easy as i thought...
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    What Pre-1985 Video Game Character Are You?

    <TABLE BORDER=0><TR><TD> <A HREF="http://blog.ravenblack.net/quiz/videogame.pl"><IMG BORDER=0 ALIGN="LEFT" WIDTH=150 HEIGHT=80 SRC="http://blog.ravenblack.net/quiz/videogame/11.png" ALT="What Video Game Character Are You? I am Mr Do." /></A>I am <B>Mr...
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    need u! yes u

    Buy a cheap Canon Bubble Jet Printer Ink jets are easy to get screwed. That's why you should get a cheap one so you get no regret. Canon is usually compact and cheap for it's quailty(printing + speed).
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    What's Your HAPPY PLACE???????

    Toys "R" Us
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    *,.*; Holy Shit! 4.5 Hours? What kindda movie is that? it's humorous
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    Ascension 20

    I have to first say it was my first boat cruise party and it was awesome although the party started quite late and speaker sound was weak. (I believe speaker was placed only on the front side for the middle floor...) I expected more trance from ascension but they played more of else. Still, the...