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    51" Hitachi Rear Projection Widescreen

    TV is approximately 3yrs old in perfect condition. Crystal clear images, perfect for movies and video games. Many great features like split screen, picture in picture....plus TV sits on wheels so very easy to move. Must sell!!! Asking $750
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    51" Hitachi Widescreen HDTV Rear Projection

    The TV is 3yrs old and in perfect condition. I recently moved and the TV won't fit down the custom staircase so I need to sell it. Anyone interested? Asking $900 OBO
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    PS3 Question

    Once an online profile is created....can you transfer that to another PS3 console? And how? And can you have the online profile running off 2 consoles? I have 2 consoles and want to be able to play on both.
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    Lee (squared) @ Footwork

    I agree, that was the best ever. Never had so much fun @ Footworks and for the first time I got so drunk. Good crowd, not too packed, good friends, some hot chicks and awesome awesome tunes. And Shaggy is sexy. :P
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    Bachelorette Party Ideas? Male Strip Joints?

    I'm throwing a Bachelorette Party and I need ideas. Where do you go in the city? Strip Joints? Are there any male strip joints out there? Help!
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    TIL M&S Fanciuli Masiello

    Boring...... Arrived just before midnight and the place looked great as always....and the smoking area....WOW....best smoking area ever. The decor makes you feel like your inside but your outside. Nice and classy, not no dark alley with crap smeared on the floors and walls. And the...
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    Richie dirty, basey, and muscley at TIL

    Wow....this was totally unexpected. Arrived around 11:30 and there was not much of a line....infact no line. The door guys finally got there shit straight and guestlist was actually in proper affect.....and the bouncers were super polite.....they even greeted us and asked how we were...
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    good lord, sander IS the king !!!!

    That party was insane!!! So good to see so many familiar faces.....some faces that I haven't seen in a long while too........and the vibe was unbelievable. Arrived just before 11 and the line up was pretty much around the corner. Thank god we didn't have to wait in line in the friggin...
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    Benassi Throws Down

    Interesting night!! Began with a rough start....arrived around 12:30 and stood in line for about 25 minutes. Then I stood in line to get searched for another 10 minutes. Stood in line some more to check my coat and finally got inside and tried to make my way to the side bar. The place was...
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    Anyone successfully publish a novel?

    I've published poetry and working on a novel...its not easy. Go to Chapters and pick up a book on how to publish a novel....I have one and it gives you all the tricks of the trade. How to approach a publisher, what they like and dislike. You can also surf the web for some self publishing...
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    Resonate @ System w/ CHRIS LIBERATOR

    A_W_E_S_O_M_E N_I_G_H_T!!! Haven't been out in a while and it was definitely worth the wait. Arrived shortly after 11 to find an extra long line. Thank god I didn't have to line up. Didn't pay much attention to the tunes at first....didn't really impress. Once Jelo hit the decks...
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    Do you work with incompetant people?

    Everyone has a different learning style and some people do not retain information well when they are constantly told what to do. And they use you as a scape goat since its easier to ask then to learn it. Simply not tell her what to do. Ask her if she knows what to do next. Ask her if she...
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    G2 at guv complex

    The highlight of the night was the dance room. One of the main reasons why I don't usually go to the Guv is the lack of room. It did pack up but at least you could walk between rooms and it didn't take an hour. And also less numbers of old perverted sketchy Asians. All in all a good crowd...
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    DIGWEED @ System

    Why does everyone knock the dj's? And get so technical about their mixin? Walked in shortly after 11 and wow, what an opening set by Evil P. His set rocked and I loved how he came out hard. Its rare that I would feel the need to dance as soon as I walked in. That and it totally hyped me...
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    Do you think its rude when.....

    Yes, I checked it out already and it costs over $300.....however I can probably get a company discount....or get my company to pay for it....
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    Do you think its rude when.....

    Yes....I like this idea......I will probably try with a screensaver or something.....
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    Do you think its rude when.....

    When people come by my cubicle, I noticed that sometimes they will glance at my computer screen. Some will glance right away and some will after several minutes in a conversation. Personally I never glance at anyone's screen except for the ones I have to manage. But there is this one...
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    Copeland & Benz

    Sometimes the slower nights are the best nights!! A bunch of us walked over at 11:30ish, got inside and the room was filled, the front little room that is. Unusual because it was not the typical crowd.....it was really mature and good to see. I think the room was also in shock by the...
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    Dj Hype @ System

    Definitely something different...... The energy was crazy.....arrived a bit before midnight and the place was relatively packed already and there was still a huge line outside. I don't usually mind it being so packed but not to jungle......you need room to dance and to dodge elbows. The...
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    d howells

    Strange night indeed......surrounded by good friends and familiar faces.....full house yet it lacked vibe......and I was not impressed with the tunes......danced less than an hour.....gave up waiting for better tunes and ended up chatting all night......