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    Bring It On - DJ Funk and Boogie

    HAHA Cri, so thats where you went. and yes it was good seeing you again as well, so you better come to LA next weekend. A good night for sure. It was great seeing so many of my friends make it all the way out to Kitchener for this one. In all this talk of how great DJ Funk was all the...
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    Droppin Beats 8

    i guess it was just me there then eh?
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    Droppin Beats 8

    man i wish there were more old school parties like this check all your vinyl that came out after 96 at the door - it was a sick sick night of beats last night in the Opera House. Aside from my little brush with security (who were just doing there job and did it very well and were quite nice...
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    BIG BUD 4 Year!!!

    quick review of Big Buds 4year- When i first got in there it was way too packed, i found a little bit of space where i could move around a bit and figured id just stay there until it cleared out a bit, sucks to havin to push and shove my way around, it just puts me in a bad mood. That turned out...
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    ATM Reunion

    Decoder was pretty good, but where was Mystical?!!!!!!!!!! other than Mystical not showing it was a great party, Capital J spun a really great set too. I didn't spin a set at all, but that's probably because i'm not a DJ. Did anybody see me there? i was the guy wearing the hat.