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    Sneak Beats at Cobra

    i was wondering why there were no postings by sunday, that's why i posted.
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    Sneak Beats at Cobra

    i could not think of anything else to say! i had fun. what did u think? i think i ran into you there......
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    Sneak Beats at Cobra

    First time at Cobra. Went early, no line. Nice club, the lights are great. Sneak and Farina were awesome. Did not stop dancing. Good crowd too. Heard some Moloko, Bjork... Really really like this space and hope they keep bringing good talent.
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    J Killa (JT Donaldson)

    Good times for sure! SASHA with reddish hair, if you are on here, pm me! Sheela
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    FS: Nintendo Wii ++++

    is this is sold yet?
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    I had fun! Great venue, lots of friends... Enjoyed dancin in the techno tent. What happened to KF and Adam Marshall? sheeeeeeeela
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    How many parties did I go to this year? (try to guess before you open the thread!!)

    Hi Maria!!!!!!! maybe see you at Justin Long!!!!!! you crazy girl. sheela
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    2/3 of S.O.S.

    set times anyone?
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    2/3 of S.O.S.

    thanks.... im soooooooo excited too, masiello is my fav. sheela
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    2/3 of S.O.S.

    Hi, so what's the dress code like at TIL, runnerss or no runners?
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    ahhhh. Hi Scott!!! I told u it was the morales remix of REM, oops.....because someone told me.So you not bad, it me. I loved how it sounded too. The bartender really made me smile, i forgot how cute he looked up there. luv sheela
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    ha. i don't listen to her either, but he always plays those mariah tracks and they always sound so sweet......even Whitney Houston sounded good!!! Im still buzzing from his set on Saturday... luv sheela
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    Hi Pia!!!!!! re:mariah songs yes it was "say something" 2X and "I still Believe" too. luv sheela
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    I had the best time I have had in a very long time. We got there just after 1 and did not leave the dancefloor till 10:30. It was good tune after good tune!!! He even played the tracks I asked him to. The vibe was great, happy people, bright lights and house music, made for a stellar nite...
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    Shift Party Review =)

    ok my pics will not post....i will get them up....
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    SHIFT at the beach - Saturday

    Hey Tracy!!!!! Im going, nice and early. See you and Mark there!!!! Sheela
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    David Morales at Sonic on Pride

    oh dear Maria. how the hell do you fall asleep at Sonic?
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    Sonic - Heart & Soul

    I love SONIC. I have loved David Morales for yrs and am thrilled that him and Nevio have opened a new home for us. I have a question for Nevio, you played a track at the beginning of the nite that had the vocal "sexy baby", very sweet and uplifting. Can u give me details on it, I need it. Also...