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    Tribal Progressive Tech House Mix

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    Tribal Progressive Tech House Mix

    King Unique - Hinode (Original & Fergie Remix) - Curfew Full Blown - Madness (Paulo Jackson's Crazy 88 Remix) - JEEPERS! Muzikjunki feat Ace - Hit The Spot (Virus J Remix) - Fullbodysoundsystem Paulo Jackson vs RudeEQ vs Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby - White Label Rubberman - Creep (Oliver...
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    Damon G::HouseMix::Fullbodysoundsystem

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    Damon G::HouseMix::Fullbodysoundsystem

    Tracklisting: 1 - Damon G - The Drugs 2 - Paolo Jackson - The Bug 3 - Punch Exciters feat A Guy Called Freaky - Leave Britney Alone 4 - Chemical Brothers - The Salmon Dance (Herve Remix) 5 - Damon G - House of Acid 6 - Damon G - Scream Louder 7 - Matt Thompson - My Bouncy Ride (Damon G Remix)...
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    Donald Glaude @ Budo

    they f'ing killed regina last night
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    [House] Damon G Spring 2007 Promo Mix

    www.fullbodysoundsystem.com/damongsprin2007.mp3 Tracklist: 1) Damon G - Frequencies (Virus J & DJ Sun vs. Zimbardo Remix) - WiFi 2) The Scumfrog - Bob loves Jesus Generation (Original) - WHITE 3) Alejandro Rado - Look My Face (Original) - Fullbodysoundsystem 4) 4Mal - Morning Touch...
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    Isaac S - Magic Boobs (OUT NOW)

    please also check out : www.beatport.com/fullbodysoundsystem
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    Music, Myspace and the Future...

    Intresting video regarding the future of the music industry. This was filmed in France, for Trace TV, and will be syndicated in over 60 different countries. http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=1772543007
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    House :: ISAAC S :: Deep Summer 2006

    no kidding.... and it's not even commercially released yet! Tons of radio play all over the world, and it shows that Canadian Artists can compete with the world's best. Like the press release says "The LAST house anthem ever!"
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    Freak IT! - Red Eyed Sneakers (w. Deepgroove Remix)

    Support Support from: Yan Harris - Paris (http://www.djbuzz.com/pages_buzzmixes/play_buzzmix.asp?buzzmix=hotmix&theweek=200628) Dan Bino - New York (http://www.downshiftradio.com/binouf/bino0710) More to come.
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    Freak IT! - Red Eyed Sneakers (w. Deepgroove Remix)

    review from Hard To Find Records RED EYED SNEAKERS - FREAK IT htfr.com review - This is gonna be one of the summer anthems this year.definatly a favourite here at htfr. www.htfr.com/more-info/MR196076
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    Freak IT! - Red Eyed Sneakers (w. Deepgroove Remix)

    available on beatport: http://www.beatport.com/label/fullbodysoundsystem
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    Freak IT! - Red Eyed Sneakers (w. Deepgroove Remix)

    Available: July 3, 2006 from Amato (http://www.amatodirect.co.uk/Music/?filter=label&labelID=Fullbodysoundsystem) Description:Hot and heavy big room house here, but more a subtle blender of a swaggering beat, stabbing synths, big filtered noises and a deeply implemented bassline. Massive...
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    House - Isaac S - Spring 2006 Promo

    Isaac, big ups to the best label manager in Canada!technics1200 and Mattlok may be found @ www.myspace.com/djmattlok or www.fullbodysoundsystem.com http://wifi.fullbodysoundsystem.com Damon G. www.myspace.com/fullbodysoundsystem
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    Damon - January 2006 mix [House++]

    InnercitySeries::Fullbodysoundsystem2006 Peace Division::Club Therapy Hatiras Feat. Shanchoy::Shady Luv (Hatiras Remix) Eric Entrena & RPO::closer (RPO Remix) Isaac S::Reddie (Paranoid Jack Remix) Mattlok::Mr.Candido (Damon's Don't take your heart from me edit) ?::Freaks Like Us (?)...
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    House :: Paranoid Jack Live @ Alpheus, Rome, Italy :: Jan 5 2006

    all hail the ambassador of beats. or something like that ;)
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    stupid question #1

    Rubberduck is easy as hell to use. The tape deck thing in the bottom is so that you can have your track/loop play in time, HOWEVER, any time i load a beat into it it turns the most beautiful house into either a dnb, or hhc track, so it doesn't work like it is suppose to. With Petagon my...
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    stupid question #1

    that's my problem, i can't figure out pentagon for the life of me. and i completely agree with the last part of your post.
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    stupid question #1

    cool. are there any others.
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    stupid question #1

    Hi, I'm quasi new. does anybody know where i can find bassline samples, or a program that's *easy* to use to create my own basslines. I stress the word *easy*, and new. Thanks.