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    RIP Evil P

    YouTube - Kings Of Tomorrow featuring Haze - Dreams (Chus & Ceballos Club Mix) This track will always remind me of Evil P. There has been many nights when we used to drive back from Lush Night Club in Hamilton on a Sunday morning with me blasting Trance Music and Patriyk in the backseat...
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    At last! Long range cordless

    Would this even be legal with Industry Canada laws on how much power an unlicensed transmitter can put out?
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    Screw you, symbol of peace.

    oh man this thread just made my day hahahaha
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    yet another windows xp help thread...

    If you have a home network set up just share his hard drive and transfer the MP3s to your computer over the network.
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    I need all your help - Serious Thread

    the eye witness account reads very "pre-scripted" I will wait for the official SIU inverstigation verdict on this one
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    Have you ever..

    Have you ever had a dream where you're lying on the edge of a cliff and on one arm you're holding a girl (or guy) you love deeply with your heart and whom you've known since childhood. On the other you're holding a girl (guy) whom you love deeply with your heart but that person has hurt you...
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    Toronto Radio market ratings for Spring 2004

    The official radio ratings for spring are out: Daytime ratings (Adults 12+) Station _ _ SP03 _ _ _ FA03 _ _ _ SP04 CHUM FM _ _ 9.0 _ _ _ _ 8.2 _ _ _ _ 8.5 CJEZ FM _ _ 7.3 _ _ _ _ 8.8 _ _ _ _ 7.8 CHFI FM _ _ 8.6 _ _ _ _ 7.2 _ _ _ _ 6.9 CILQ FM _ _ 6.1_ _ _ _ 6.9 _ _ _ _ 6.5 CFRB _ _ _...
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    ParAdoX - Friday Mornings 2am - 4am - grooverince.com

    Episode 242 ----------------- R e a l A u d i o - Archive ---------------- Click here to listen ----------------- P l ay l i s t ---------------- 2am – 3am 1. Erick Morillo, Harry ‘choo choo’ romero and Jose Nunez – Dancin (fuzzy hair mix) 2. Tom Naville – Just Fuck 3. Yaz –...
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    Daily reminders - please drive safe.

    I just scanned all the news papers looking for a story about this and nothing...
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    I am moving to College W...

    Hey Hey Sarah, welcome to the hood. I live, work and play in this area all day. stop by CHIN radio sometimes, say hi, it's right on the corner of College and Grace ;) Vote Quimby, the butcher from College and Grace is gone, it's not a restaurant.
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    You were all this dude once...

    dude, how did they get a picture of me?
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    ParAdoX - Friday Mornings 2am - 4am - grooverince.com

    Episode 241 This was just a nice random show, I played whatever I took out of the record box. It was quite fun. -------------- R e a l A u d i o S t r e a m --------------- Click Here to listen -------------- P l a y l i s t --------------- 2am – 3am 1. William Orbit –...
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    I got the job!

    let's party
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    ParAdoX - Friday Mornings 2am - 4am - grooverince.com

    ..::ParAdoX::.. Episode 240 I don't know why but I had a lot of fun mixing this show together, I think all this nice weather is getting to me. :) --------------- R e a l A u d i o A r c h i v e -------------- Click Here to listen --------------- P l a y l i s t ---------------...
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    your apartment...

    ^^^ My Home sweet home ^^^ The hood ;)
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    DVD R question

    Thanks guys :)
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    DVD R question

    This might have been posted before but What is the difference between DVD+R and DVD-R?
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    your apartment...

    wow that is a great place, I'm looking to get something a long the same lines. How much can I expect to be paying for something like that monthly?
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    Big Summer Trance Tunes

    I think it will die out before it reaches the summer, like you said it's been out for a while. Still not that bad of a tune though, if you're into the vocal stuff.