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    Oh Kathy I will find my way out for this one! you will find me at the front left speaker! As for all the talk about Nature Boy! no one remembers when I heard three girls in the bathroom of Industry talking about the guy who got naked during Dj Dan's set at Freak'in 98 in the Prince costume...
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    Spirit in the Bass - RIP Dylan

    Wow.. Are my thought’s today with the amazing turn out last night! I felt overwhelmed with the amount of love and respect people were giving to Dylan and even more to each other. I’ve not been to a night at a club where I’ve seen so many of my friends passing out hugs, kisses and words of...
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    Fallen Soldier: Dylan : System Soundbar Wednesday June 4th

    ahhh I'm sooo sick, but I would not miss tonight. I'm looking forward to seeing eveyone with big smiles! it's going to be such a tribute to Dylan... I'll shake my booty for ya Dyla! Shannon
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    RIP Dylan

    I have not posted in years, but after reading what everyone has written and hoping that his family gets to read all these wonderful thoughts, I felt I needed to add my thoughts and memories of Dylan. I meet Dylan at one of our many Super Sunday events at 565, he was always the life of the...
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    LAURENT GARNIER at the TRIBE Anniversary Party

    What a fun night, I was frezzing, hungry, tired and I had to deal with N'SYNC's car getting towed! All in all it was a very exciting evening. I love it when we bring a special guest cause I get to see the folks I never get a chance to see, it's always nice to have a quick catch-up! The music was...
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    Big Bud

    RED LION RULES!!!! if you did'nt hear his set you missed a great one! he opened the main room! shannon
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    Richie Hawtin, a cigarette company and a VIP pass

    Wow what a great night! Mad Bar the perfect place to hold a small intimate event, just how Richie likes it! The Bar itself looked great with Benison and Hedges going all out with the decorations. You had to come early, because the free passes did not work after 11:00 so the place was jumping at...