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    Search Engine ???

    ^^^^^^^^ Best advice up here. Google uses dmoz. Just make sure you really think about how you want to describe your site - you can only do this once.
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    things to do in savannah, geogia?

    Call yourself mint jelly and go on the lam.
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    This table will crush a 1200

    It looks like a waffle iron.
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    balut !

    Half matured duck embryo in an egg. Steamed, crack'er open, and you see the little guy, beak, semi-matured wings, some feathers, staring up at you.
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    The Bitchelorette

    Charlie: classy response, but it's clear by his answer that he was far more in it for the ego rush. Ryan: he's just lucky that she's a chick that likes bossing around younger men.
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    The Bitchelorette

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    good sandwiches...want your picks

    The Hot Spot, beside the Fez Batik on Richmond and Peter. Get a "grilled toast" - herbed panini bread, chicken, two cheeses + feta, olives, tomatoes, onions, flattened and grilled to yummed goodness.
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    Dave London / Orlando Breaks rock! gimme more!

    Check out tracks and remixes by Infiniti and R-Fresh.
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    Most sought after OLDSCHOOL breaks record..

    Definitely a good site - owned by R-Fresh of Florida Breaks fame... Junior Camp (Dave London and Huda Hudia) - The Rhythm Catch the Break - Jedi Knights The latter one is sporadically seen on GEMM for as much as $120. Jesus.
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    Really good. Main room rocked; downstairs was kinda dead, though.
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    peyton vs mike

    I just think Manning's still depressed about losing the party leadership to Stockwell Day.
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    I think I like Paul Oakenfold.

    Oh, I forgot Arksun, who, ironically, credits PO as a big supporter. I like that sort of thing, but a lot of people find it too sterile for breakbeats.
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    I think I like Paul Oakenfold.

    Originally posted by chipotle WHAT!? okenfold paving the way for breakbeats?? No, I meant BT has produced a lot of good trancey breaks tracks back in the day... not Paul Oakenfold. And I changed the phrase "paving the way" to "spreading the word" because I realized that gave far...
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    I think I like Paul Oakenfold.

    I think BT's just bitter that Oakenfold is spreading the word on trancey breaks more than he ever did. He has made some good progressive breaks tracks, though.
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    favourite Superbowl commercial

    Did anyone notice the scene where Ben Affleck takes off his mask and says something, staring blankly at nothing in particular because his character is supposed to be blind? If he's going to be staring blankly all through the movie, I think this is the best role for his natural acting abilities...
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    If i like "_____" I would also enjoy "_____"

    The Distillers--------------------> Babes in Toyland
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    Pop-up ads

    http://www.meaya.com/download.htm Use the preview popup killer, uninstall, and use again for all of eternity...
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    What do I tell the "DJ Chiclet" in Vancouver?

    I think a bigger problem may be getting Warner-Lambert / Adams / Pfizer / Nordyne-Defense Systems not to issue a cease-and-desist order when you make it big.
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    best SWITCHING PLACES movie?