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    Best Madonna album (song or video)...

    Justify My Love the black & white thing worked.
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    What the f*ck is our Mayor Mel doing during this SARS crisis ???

    As the chief executive of this city, the mayor during a time of crisis MUST at the very least be visible just as Mayor Rudy Giuliani properly exemplified during the 9-11 tragedy in NYC - Mayor Rudy didn't need firefighting or paramedic qualifications - he was simply a great leader in a time of...
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    What the f*ck is our Mayor Mel doing during this SARS crisis ???

    SARS crisis hits Toronto in a big way and the weasel mayor can't even come off his sun bed and make a statement. Yes, I realize he doesn't give a rat's ass about the city since he's announced his plans not to run for mayor again in the fall but his lack of visibility during this crisis is...
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    This is why Toronto has a hurtin' club scene.

    geez...i'm such a nerd:(
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    This is why Toronto has a hurtin' club scene.

    Here's an evite I got for some new club opening. When you have a new club in your city named "Manhattan Fuel", you know things are getting pretty scary....and they couldn't even spell their address correctly.WTF. Discuss amongst yourselves.:confused: www.adnanmedia.com/manhattan
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    anybody go to prop house ????

    any reviews ????
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    the 'industry' anthems !

    "freaks come out" - cevin fisher I'd hear the rolling bass line all night, regardless if the track was playing or not....then again could've been the primo drugs. :D
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    Dave Seaman (not) @ Lotus

    [It's just sad there is such a huge following of suburbanites who think they know what's what that support jokes like this. [/B] amen.
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    Dave Seaman (not) @ Lotus

    Lotus - another completely failed attempt by greasy, rich, clueless owners at opening a Toronto night club. Here's some cheap advice to any prospective Toronto club owners: Book flights and hotel rooms for yourself and all your meat-head "money bag" partners and fly to Montreal for any...
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    Super Bowl Predictions.

    Hey TomBT, not bad for a prediction from about 3 weeks ago !
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    Another blond joke (please forgive me).

    what a hurting thread.:(
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    The Funniest Comfort Zone Review Ever

    I feel like that chick who wrote Big Fat Greek Wedding. Never in my wildest dreams did I think this thread was gonna be such a hit...(wipes tear from eye)... Happy New Year to all...(again, wipes tear from eye) P.S see ya'll at the Zone tomorrow night at about 6:00pm... :D
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    The Funniest Comfort Zone Review Ever

    Since I started this thread, I'm entitled to ask stupid questions. Here goes... Why are those three fuckers under the table ???? What's the motivation ??? Why ??? Just curious.:confused:
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    The Funniest Comfort Zone Review Ever

    ^^^^happy k-holing. funny.
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    The Funniest Comfort Zone Review Ever

    Check this out....fucking hilarious. www.cs.mcgill.ca/~rrause/clubs/zone.html
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    "Sexy House" - I'm tired of seeing this around !!

    He's "Barkley" , I'm "Barkely"... Sorry dude... ;)
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    "Sexy House" - I'm tired of seeing this around !!

    "Sexy House"... Is this not the most over-used genre description seen in Toronto flyers ???? For example: In room A, DJ Whatever plays R & B and Hip Hop In room B, DJ X plays sexy house. WTF is "sexy" house vs. regular house ???? (then again WTF is regular house ???) The brand...
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    The lack of vibe and numbers at this party is quite frankly a reflection of how shitty and fragmented the scene in Toronto has become. Sasha gave his best to Montreal simply because the Montreal scene deserves it. Sasha ain't no idiot.
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    David Morales and the Smirnoff Fashion Awards

    I got there by 1:00am (figuring it to be peak time or at least pretty closer to it). Couldn't make it for the fashion show but from all accounts, Mcbee's review sounds hilariously accurate. Mr.Morales is the man I came to see. Well, this is a sampling of what the super- mega-DJ/producer played...