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    iPod + Phone = iPhone

    3rd Party Apps Got my iphone yesterday. Does it have to be jailbroken to get 3rd party apps on the phone?
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    would you buy a used ipod?

    from doing some reasearch, seems that creative and samsung mp3 players dont have mac software included? anyone with a mac using any other mp3 player besides an ipod?
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    Free photo editing software for a mac

    any torrent site you can recommend to find cs3?
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    Pot/Marijuana Appreciation

    i'm out....this sucks...need to find some, hoepfully it will come through soon
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    FS: unlocked Samsung SGH D-820

    Check your PM's
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    LF: Coldplay tickets (I know it's last minute)

    Just checked ticketmaster about 20min ago and there were tickets available.
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    giving up the game you love

    Nesta, What division are you play in. I'm playing in the TSSL also. We're fouth division, and ya, there's a lot of guys in the league that take it way too seriously.
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    giving up the game you love

    I hear you Nesta. I was pondering the same decision. Every morning after i play a game, i wake up with a few pains. They go away after a couple days, but i know its not good for me. As soon as I start thinking about the next game, I just can't quit, cause I love playing and i want to be out...
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    Anyone work at the TD Centre?

    i'm coming down to your floor!!
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    Anyone work at the TD Centre?

    51st floor, facing north
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    Anyone work at the TD Centre?

    Hopefully you won't call in any threats yourself!! What floor are you on?
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    Anyone work at the TD Centre?

    I work at first canadian place. Was just outside, there's about 5 cop cars and a bunch of people outside. Something is happening
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    financial planners...need one, HELP!

    If you don't mind a bit of reading, pick up a copy of the wealthy barber. I forget who wrote it. Its a great book which explains basic finance for savings, debts, buying a house, etc. OUt of all the finance books out there, this one i would say is the best.
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    HOUSE - ReCkLeSs GiRL - Younge & Reckless..

    is the set still up? I can't download it
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    need tech help for audio cd

    i've tried listening to it in my ghetto blaster & discman. If its been burned wrong, can i fix it? gloworm
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    need tech help for audio cd

    I got an audio cd, when i try to play it, it lists the tracks and the total cd time, but it won't read. When i put it in my pc, i can't read the cd. Is there a program i can use to read it, or is there another way around the problem, its a cd-r. Any help is greatly appreciated. gloworm
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    This is funny!

    or the site is just as good y2khai.com gloworm
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    This is funny!

    Let me try again www.y2khai.com/images/khaiepisode.swf gloworm
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    This is funny!

    Don't know if anyone has posted this, but it's pretty good infopop.com gloworm
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    u around?