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    Warehouse Jam Anyone?

    YO G - I guess one of the issues worth exploring revolves around how a community and the creative process itself is affected by the the market place. What cultural apparatuses dictate the art forms we create? Is something authentic and "underground" if we can purchase it over the counter...
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    Warehouse Jam Anyone?

    Just the concept of a Warehouse jams really gets me excited. Warehouse are used in everyday life for work, consumption and productivity. When factories spread across North American during the industrial revolution, millions of people became regimented according to the time clock for the first...
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    Loft party down the street from Jess with the Dukes....

    I have no problem with ugly reviews, i just think your take on the event was a little harsh and out of left field. Maybe the conept was over your i don't know.....but that party had every element for one rockin good time.
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    Upcoming breaks party?

    The Dukes and Pat Davis (montreal) at Salem's loft april 30th
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    I'm in for sure. Its been years since i've been to a party this massive. Can't wait. See you on the dance floor
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    Fort Knox Makin' it FuNkY @ 360

    Big Big Props to the man they call Farbsie!!!! If there was ever a funk brotha soul shaker amoung us it would be him in his fresh threads. Tim you rock my world. What a fantastic gathering. What a kick ass venue. The line up was top notch, the music was the BOMB! Definately an allstar...
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    Toronto Getting Some Fresh Acts!

    Toronto is world class man and don't you forget it!!! I'm definately proud to be a music lover in this town. Now if only i can get my hands on a leisure suit?
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    Breaks in T.O.

    Boy oh Boy Feb will definately be bumping with phat beats and colourful treats. Can't wait to see Fort Knox Five in March. I love that funky shit. !!! I just wanted to say hi to everyone in the breaks room. After all these years I am finally on tribe. Yey. Word to the Funk Leisure...