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    tobes - vernum (deep vocal house)

    Thanks for sharing. This mix has been in pretty heavy rotation for me lately. I especially love the Temperature Rise into Drone Logic bit.
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    Doublecross - The Megamixtape

    Nice bump jebac. This a super fun mix, thanks for sharing.
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    Joshua Reid - For Jay (Funky Jackin House)

    Joshua Reid NEVER disappoints! Another awesome set.
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    Funky breaks mixes here....

    Big cheers to Lebrosk! You have introduced me to all kinds of great tunes and artists. Keep up the great work.
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    Makin Moves On A Waxed Box-Deck Jones-Funky House

    Trying to study, but only ten minutes in and I've already had to turn it up to ear-damaging volumes. Thanks for sharing!
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    Dj Riggs - Stadium Stn (Funky House Mix)

    Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! Keeps getting better as it goes on. Cheers!
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    Anuj on Air 014

    I haven't listened to much trance or prog in the last few years, but I'd heard the Kalkbrenner track elsewhere and thought I'd give this mix I try. I'm glad that I did. Thanks for sharing.
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    B B&C at Harbourfront this week-end

    I saw Kid Koala and the Slew when they came through town in the fall and they were great and totally original. Looking forward to seeing them again on Friday.
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    Skank Honto - It's a Nu-Funk Thang (funky beats and breaks)

    This shit is F U N K Y. The Czech boot takes me way back to WEMF in Bobcaygeon. Thanks for sharing.
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    [indie/post-punk/pop] Chubbs - Punch and Pie

    Truly this is one of the most original sets ever posted to Tribe. Great set. I uploaded to Rapidshare, hopefully someone can host it in a more permanent location. Chubbs - Punch and Pie
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    Joshua Reid - Funk'in'yo'Trunk (Funk/Tech/Horns/Sax/Deep)

    Great funky bouncy house set dude. Happy Friday!
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    Skank Honto - TGIFunky! (funky beats and breaks)

    This is fucking AWESOME. I think this set is going to be rocking my car for the next few weeks. Big thanks for sharing.
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    Preacherman 'After School' Nice and Funky

    This is awesome.
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    Drum Driven House - Manny Freytes Mix - Losing Inhibition

    Some groovy stuff on here. Thanks for sharing!
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    NickD - Once Upon A Dancefloor (Deep and Classic House)

    I just threw my hands in the air, and waved them like I just don't care. Thanks for the mix.
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    LF Sega Saturn

    Wow! Used video games AND used vinyl, that looks like the greatest store ever!
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    Records and record box for sale: hip-hop, indie rock

    PM sent re: 7"s and box.
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    DJ NK - Disco Hard House 1999

    Another awesome mix! Keep rollin' out the classics!!
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    DJ NK - French House Anthems 1999-2002

    This mix is awesome. It had me remembering so many different nights and moments. Merci!
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    **New 4 Turntable Mix** DJs Wood n Soo - Weekend Warriors (lotsa different styles)

    Awesome. I look forward to your sets more than anyone else's these days. This one is really fun right through to the end.