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    FS: Nexus 5 less than 2 months old

    $300 for a Tribe member, price is firm. Nexus 5 loaded with 4.4.4. Phone has been rooted, unlocked and reset to factory default (can relock and unroot if needed). Comes with the box, USB cable and power adapter. Also comes with 2 Caseology TPU cases (black and silver) and has a CitiGeeks...
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    Octave One / Kevin Saunderson

    I wish promoters in the same genre would communicate more. Huckaby would be great to hear, but I've seen him a few times already. I've only seen Octave One once, and that was the last time they were here. Can't wait!
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    Totally agree and it can get as addictive as analogues. For the first few month I was buying everything under the sun. Haven't bought anything since VapeCan and I think I'll be good until next spring/summer, if not longer.
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    Do it, they're great mods. Have a Nzonic V3 and and Sentinel V3 and haven't used my eVic much since getting them.
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    Alleged 1980's hash dealer to run for leadership of Ontario PC party

    Children... my 3 year old nephew drinks like that.
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    Got my 2nd controller in the mail today. What a fucking tease!
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    Fall Motorcycle Thread

    This is pretty intense. Looks like a ROC type ride that get's out of control... Range Rover vs Motorcycle mob More info
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    The final season of BREAKING BAD

    Wasn't Jesse's and Hank's partnership off the books and didn't the Nazis get all the footage when they broke into Hank's place? Making Jesse free to do as he pleases...
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    The final season of BREAKING BAD

    Use newsgroups for my downloads and it's pretty late when the episode gets uploaded. By the time I get home the next day, it's up on Netflix. No need to download.
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    The final season of BREAKING BAD

    If you have a service that changes your region, the UK Netflix gets the new episode the next day. Usually watch it the next day after work.
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    Fall Motorcycle Thread

    That's a clean looking Hawk. 400 or 650? Thanks fornicator. I feel the same way. Took the Yami for a test ride yesterday and I think that's what I'm going with. On another note, I've never owned a new bike before and have never had to break-in an engine. What have you guys done when...
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    Fall Motorcycle Thread

    Thanks for your input! Haven't tried any of them but am in the process of booking test rides for the Duke and Yami.
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    Fall Motorcycle Thread

    Looking into getting a new bike. Love the one I have now but I'm getting tired of doing more work on it than riding it (76 CB550F). Narrowed it down to the 690 Duke, Aprilia Shiver or an FZ8 and looking for some input, specially if you're currently riding one of them. Leaning toward the Duke...
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    It must be addressed..No one went to Digital Dreams?

    That was a great party. Didn't like the $11 tall cans/$8 Heinekens and it seemed to get more expensive as the night when on.
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    Ticket for Sunnyside Pavilion - brooks, milk, promise.

    Decided to chill in tonight. 1 advanced ticket for $17.50. EMT would work best and I'll forward the confirmation to you. Email inquiries to phunksouljah AT gmail.com
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    What's the cheapest thing I can use to stream internet to my tv

    Do you just stream off the web? Have you tried playing HD files? Just wondering coz I was looking into this option but read there's a bottle neck at the GPU and can get glitchy?
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    2013 summer of dnb?

    Haven't been to a jam in years... sounds like I should login to TO jungle.