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    G20 opponents asked to teleprotest

    BWUAHAHAHAHAHA, you two fucking twits deserve one and other, seriously. What fucking tools. Like anyone gives a fuck about your protest, your park, or your neighbourhood (for that matter, your opinions). Nobody cares, get a fucking life and while you're at it, grow a fucking set, eunuchs...
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    Fall of a Toronto mega club: Circa Bankrupt

    We hear.... That owners of Pacha NYC have had meetings about taking over Circa, the bankrupt, closed club in Toronto which Peter Gatien opened in 2007.
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    Haiti: a disaster

    What the fuck else are they supposed to do? I just watched Dr. Sanjay Gupta provide much needed medical attention to a 15 day old baby girl. Reporters have one job, to report; I hardly see how them doing their JOB is some crime against humanity. If no one is there to report, how will...
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    Timo Maas @ Footwork

    I could really give a flying fucking about the 'vibe' and the fact that other people were enjoying themselves; that doesn't mean I share their affinity for badly mixed and boring music. I am totally being critical because I had elevated expectations for this night and was hoping for a proper...
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    Timo Maas @ Footwork

    Contrary to my normal self, i was gonna keep my trap shut on this matter, however, you honestly did not miss out, imo.
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    Timo Maas @ Footwork

    If it makes you feel any better I thought it was total fucking shit. Brutal mixing (if at all) boring fucking tracks and an otherwise totally uninspired performance. I wasn't the only one either... That was not a (good) techno set. c.
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    Frozen meals in a bag

    hahaha, one doctor tells you something and it becomes fact, hahaha. Sounds like you two deserve each other.
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    The Flu Shot... Dont Get It!!!!

    BWUAHAHAHAHAAHAH, I fucking knew it, you are totally fucking retarded, dumb as a post. I wouldn't want any vaccine to go to waste on your stupid ass anyway, lol. this thread is awesome. c.
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    The Flu Shot... Dont Get It!!!!

    If your kid contracted the illness (and possibly died) would you then perhaps shut the fuck up, or would you continue this asinine campaign? Cause you shutting the fuck up would not be a bad thing.
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    Why you should get vaccinated (against infectious diseases)

    You needed TRIBE to tell you this!? The level of stupidity in the various H1N1 threads is absolutely mind boggling and downright frightening. Thanks to Ruby and the good Doctor for infusing some COMMON sense and intelligence in to this mess.
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    Why you should get vaccinated (against infectious diseases)

    You are incredibly fucking stupid. You need a vaccine to prevent stupidity before anything else. Christ, and you have children...People should seriously need a license before procreating.
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    Aside from getting it in the eye...this happened to me, exactly, right down to calling telehealth and begging them to tell me I wasn't going to get bird flu (wait a week and if you have no symptoms you should be fine they said)...hahahahahaha. What a shitty day we had.
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    best man speech

    Comparing a wedding to a 'multi-thousand dollar INVESTMENT" is perhaps the most tacky thing I've read today. I hope she's worth every cent, you're quite the catch.
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    Oh farewell, middle lane on Jarvis...

    People over 30 can't walk? Of all the moronic things you've ever posted, that is possibly the most idiotic. Kudos for raising a bar I always considered to high to possibly breach.
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    Calling all Runners

    Many thanks for all the advice, giving me lots to ponder. My ultimate goal is to run the Marine Corps marathon in DC at some point because, well, to be honest, it just sounds so 'tough', lol. I'm so glad it's nice enough to run outside pleasantly these days. c.
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    Calling all Runners

    I'm going to assume you've done one, so in that vein, what kind of prep did you do? Gradual increases in mileage or one of those fancy training 'schedules' that I know many people utilize? c.
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    Calling all Runners

    Either which way, the thing I care about most (the weather) was freaking awesome, so I should stop whining. The last time I ran this 'race' it pissed rain the entire time, which did not make for a great time. Time to ponder a Half Marathon now; running 10K at this point isn't a big deal to...
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    Calling all Runners

    lol @ the digusting cottage cheese, didn't even touch that shit. I'm really just nitpicking, but the 'corral' at the ending was not big enough to properly accomodate that many people all at once. I preferred the years where it ended at the Roundhouse, though I did enjoy running through the...
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    Calling all Runners

    52:38 Not bad, but I could/should have done better. Awesome weather made up for the piss poor situation at the end of the race... c.
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    Comfort Zone is fighting back.

    Nah, I just think your bug-eyed-unibrow-failure of a retort wasn't exactly one for the ages...jus' sayin' homes, nawmean? Anyway, I have some belly lint that really needs attending to. c.