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    Daft Punk

    oh yea.. what was with all the flying debris? ..and a kid beside me got nailed in the head by a flying glowstick and later by a rogue water bottle..poor guy.. throwing stuff that can hurt some1 is not cool. plain and simple. nick
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    Daft Punk

    im thoroughly satisfied :) ..first off, please forgive the length of this post; this is what happens when u have insomnia and can't get a certain daft punk track out of your head.. WHAT A SHOW!! it's great that every1 (so far) seemed to have a good time :) ..I think they must be...
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    Adam Beyer at Sudbury

    I LOVE TECHNO...I remember now! Another classic Beyer set. Proper techno, done the right way! He reminded us all of what techno can really do. Great vibe, friendly people (which seems to be something of a rare thing in clubland nowadays).. lots of dancers...every1 seemed to be really diggin...
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    Labour of Love @ Guv 2006

    whoops geez i didnt realize my review was *that* long..i guess i had a lot to say ..sowwies :) nick
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    Labour of Love @ Guv 2006

    i'm content :) I managed to catch the last half of Luke Fair's set...he did a bang up job as usual.. im sorry i missed Brad.. (god that lineup to get in was MASSIVE) well to be honest, I really only went for Digweed..didnt care too much about any of the other headliners... i liked his set...
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    DEMI @ This Is London, Aug. 18

    good reviews? why am i not surprised.. DEMI, Toronto loves u dude .. lets all hope you get the chance to come up here more often :) *crosses fingers* nick
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    DEMI @ This Is London, Aug. 18

    well i was looking forward for a couple months to seeing Demi again, but stuff came up that prevented me from attending...grr I'm sure Demi once again taught Toronto a proper lesson in house music! Demi never seems to disappoint..I'd love to read some reviews of his performance.. TELL ME...
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    Domo Arigatou Mr. Barato and Mr. Lawler

    Addy and Addy deserves an honerable mention too..bangin set!... in fact, all our locals did a bang up job..Toronto is blessed with excellent talent...must be something in our water.. :) nick
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    Domo Arigatou Mr. Barato and Mr. Lawler

    lots of fun!! Lawler played a wicked remix of Radiohead's 'Street Spirit' ... he played the bloody thing twice! mucho thanks! ..had lots of fun, met many new people..danced till the end of course. Lawler is sex on the decks. nick
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    Deep Dish @ This is London

    ... i especially liked it when Ali grabbed the mic at the end and thanked the toronto partiers for a great nite... nice touch :) ..and ending the night with some Freeland was just perfect.. nick
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    Cooooostume tiiiiiiime!

    ^^ terrorists kill people. i dont see many kids wearing nazi costumes.. what makes this kid's costume more acceptable? nick
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    Guvernment 9 Year

    hey look it's swilly! he eats so much maki so they call him mr. saki... (oh yea..zach and i are gonna buy tickets soon to come visit u..) yea techno nick
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    Guvernment 9 Year

    i love techno. nick
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    Destiny at the Docks

    damn u swilly swilly u hijacked my account! grrr as for the party, well i had a blast, and so did my friends.. cheers to destiny nick
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    who else is up??

    k wake up stupid heads time waste time on tribe!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Destiny at the Docks

    i had an amazing time................. still to tired and out of it to post a proper review. maybe around 6:00 or so i will. swilly:D
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    Farewell My Friend. R.I.P. FunkNstyle.

    :( Rest In Peace, dude... nick
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    Buy my phone, dammit!

    .. Ya that's the right pricing for prepaid with Bell... Plus if you are on a prepaid plan, and you are using the phone more than u expected, you can switch to a invoiced system at no extra charge.. plus Audiovox is a trusted company.. Their phones tend to have a good track record...
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    TRIPLEDECKS complaint

    Fab screwed up. Yes. She conceded her error in her first post. Why did the company take 2 weeks to respond? Oh because they thought her mail was spam? Good reason. So Fab comes on, (pissed off) and vents her frustration.. Some people agree, some disagree.. whatever the case, it sparked...