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    iTunes gift cards - $150 for $115!

    Hey Tribers, Found a couple of iTunes gift cards that I never used. I could use the money for some last-minute christmas gifts instead of more tunes and movies for myself right now. I have two iTunes gift cards that total $150. Asking $115 for both or $40 for the $50 card and $80 for the...
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    wanted - free turntable

    xtcfreak, please check your PMs :)
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    wanted - free turntable

    Awesome! Thanks so much! I will definitely be messaging you after next weekend. Consider dibs already called :)
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    wanted - free turntable

    Xtcfreak, do you still have the pair? I have a friend who just moved here from Brazil and has to rent a pair of turntables everytime he wants to share his beautiful samba records with the outside world. He would really appreciate these!
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    Want a casino in Toronto? They are asking for our input...

    Annd a Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/NoCasinoToronto
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    Want a casino in Toronto? They are asking for our input...

    Here's the form in case anyone is interested. It's due tomorrow. https://surveys.dpra.com/casino/CasinoSurvey.aspx
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    Traktor Scratch A10 & Scratch Pro 2 - $350

    Please email me at arenge123 AT yahoo DOT ca if interested.
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    Traktor Scratch A10 & Scratch Pro 2 - $350

    Selling complete kit of Traktor Scatch A10 soundcard and Scratch Pro 2. Kit includes a soundcard in mint condition, control vinyl (brand new, never used), control CDs (also brand new, never used), all necessary cables, installation software CD, stickers, and the original box. The reason that...
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    FREE! - Pioneer CTW205R Dual Cassette Deck

    Yes. I thought i'd share the love back on Tribe again :)
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    FREE! - Pioneer CTW205R Dual Cassette Deck

    I got this free from a triber a few years ago, and thought someone else from tribe might like to have it. Deck is fully functioning, though it is missing the door from one of the decks. I have no room or use for it anymore. email at arenge123 AT yahoo DOT ca. Please respond...
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    Pioneer DDJ-T1 w/ Pioneer Carrying Bag & Headphones - $850 obo

    Hey Tribers, Selling my mint condition Pioneer DDJ-T1 midi controller and Traktor software, along with the Pioneer Carrying Bag, and a pair of Audiotechnica ATH-PRO5VA stereo headphones. I have loved this controller for over a year now, and have played corporate, club, and wedding gigs, and a...
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    FS: Iphone 4 - 32 Gig / Black - Off-contract/Unlocked - Used on Fido

    Or you can get it done at Stellar Cellular on College for $20. They're really nice too. Unlocking : iPhone 4 Unlock
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    Exit Festival 2012 - Novi Sad, Serbia

    After reading about the ups and downs regarding Digital Dreams, I thought some of you would enjoy reading about a phenomenally organized music festival full of kick-ass music. I went to the Exit Festival last year and loved it so much I based my Euro trip this year around it, and ended up...
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    UDG Vinyl Sling Bag $75

    I hate to sell this, but I haven't used it in far too long and don't really need to haul my vinyl anywhere. Bag is in mint condition. I've only actually used it a handful of times. I think I paid about $150 from Play de Record. Asking $75. Bag includes carrying strap and combination lock...
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    M-Audio Xponent Torq, Carry Bag, Audio Technica studio headphones $350 obo

    DJ starter kit for sale! Mint condition, all faders, knobs and LEDs in perfect functioning condition. I am also including the official carrying case, all cables needed to start playing, original box, Torq installation CD, and a pair of Audio Technica ATH-PRO5V studio headphones. The...
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    11 Carlaw or a similar kind of industrial unit

    Does anyone have contact info for the Milkrun guys or whoever owns the space at 11 Carlaw? Or does anyone know of any other sort of industrial space that I can rent for a night for a small private party? I'm looking to rent a space for a night in December that can hold about 50 people and a 15'...
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    Amon Tobin ISAM @ Opera House

    Amon Tobin’s live performance of the Isam album was nothing short of spectacular. I was one of the first few people there and got comfy with the floor speakers lined up all along the front of the stage. The fact that I was up against a speaker the whole time really enhanced the experience...