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    Vibrant Productions "sand tunes"

    That is too bad that the Durham Police decided to step in. Don't give up guys, you put on wicked parties and I hope to be a part of few of them again in the future! Meehow.
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    mohawk invasion - serenity

    Congrats Serenity. Looks like once again you put out a high quality event with an amazing line-up, that Toronto crowds have come to expect from You! I'm sorry I missed it, but you know the circumstances... Keep it up bitches! M.
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    mohawk invasion - serenity

    Ok, so how about some reviews, ha?!
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    your 3 favorite parties of all time

    Destiny/Renegades (97) - Rememberance (I think that was the name of the party on May 10th) - for the purpose behind and sets by Kenny Ken (w/Fearless), OS/2, Dominik, Robert de la Gautier (and the interruption). WEMF '98 - for the friends, weather, location, Mark EG / M-Zone xtravaganza and the...
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    perry farrell @ fez

    I would love to see him behind the decks... M.
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    *Therapist Farewell Party*

    TuRtL[- - thank you so much for the pics I got from you - I will be in touch thru e-mail shortly, it was nice meeting you a week ago... RPW - bwaaaahahahahahahahahaha... Rob - you mean I should beware or should they (considering I learn from experiences)? I think Allie doesn't qualify (and...
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    parks and wilson!!!!!!!!!!

    ^^^^^^^^^^ Will you stop setting yourself up bwaahahahahaha, please... anyway this is dedicated to Parks'n'Wilson show last night and I can't wait to read the reviews... case closed! Otis - were they better this time around? M.
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    parks and wilson!!!!!!!!!!

    I saw you give another International DJ a rimmjobbajabba! When will you stop? Disguisting indeed... I'd kick you out myself.
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    *Therapist Farewell Party*

    ^^^^^ my right eye is killing me --->
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    *Therapist Farewell Party*

    I'll ramble a bit more, jus give me a sec, aight? JON - my usual response to compliments is 'shaddap'! Aight? (but thanx, it means a lot coming from you ) TuRtL[- - what is it? whaaat??? Matt - no worries punk, you made it for a bit, that's all that matters bro, it was good seeing you...
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    *Therapist Farewell Party*

    I hope you enjoyed your birthday Nick... and the pie... You have made last night very memorable for me and just like Voytek said, that was such a selfless act to share this night with me. I can't thank you enough. Massive respect! You have done a wicked job organizing the entire night and it...
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    ravin up ATM's H20

    Seems like everything has been said already! Spinsah! I am so sorry You got kicked out. I'm sure LAB 4 will be back in Tdot soon enuff tho! I know nothing can be said to make you feel better. I know You were one of the few that knew exactly what to expect from this party. I feel for you...
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    SERENITY @Opera House

    No shit Sherlock!
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    SERENITY @Opera House

    That's when You grab them by their neck... yih yih... *evil grin* M.
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    SERENITY @Opera House

    This has been going on for years. That's what many kids do at parties. They feel free to do it. Respect their freedom. If you don't like it, try to avoid it. Personally, I tend to grab the 'light show fanatics' and the 'massage attendants' by the throat and instill the fear in them that...
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    SERENITY @Opera House

    Maximum respect to the ones like Serenity! Fabulous job with the sound, lights, and the DECOR! I think last night You set another standard (what else is new ) in terms of quality of production! Job well done! As for the music, even though I managed to catch the sets of only 2 DJs, I...
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    Tiesto @ System Soundbar

    Way to fuck people up Stormshadow - especially crackhead Malglo - big up, mean mutha fucka! M.
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    - Small Society -

    Although "I'm tired" has been the most popular phrase in my vocabulary in the past few weeks, I had a really good time last night at the labirynth Lounge - a typical Friend-o-Rama... the way it was ment to be! ...and the crowd was a pleasure to play for Thanx y'all. Big up to Smokee...
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    Wintergalactic 2001

    Certainly the best production in Toronto to date! Nick, Andre and the rest of SonicState+Phlux krew - spot on!!! Very impressive. M.
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    dekoze at system

    No! If a headliner can't keep up with what another DJ has done with the crowd in the earlier part of the evening, it says something about the "supastar"s ability on that particular night... Any DJ should be playing for the crowd and not for the DJ playing next, that's his/her responsibility...