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    the new mm vj

    The guy who looks like Bob Saget with red hair. blah.
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    Is There Any Jungle In Hamilton This Saturday?

    there is a party at Home this Saturday actually. http://uncjungle.proboards.com/index.cgi?pbuser=uncjungle&board=upcomingunc&action=display&num=1011758758
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    new mix

    Delta - Submerged / Roots
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    Andy C and the Free Beatdown.

    ummm i believe Moving Fusion is responsible for Thunderball... but then again.. Body Rock is another story.
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    Freaky Flow @ The Casbah (Hamilton)

    wow. In honour of Freaky Flows new CD .. DrDisc threw a CD release party.. and shit what a nice little jam it was. Very nice intimate setting at the Casbah in Hamilton. The guy before FF who MC'ing over his set.. that was sick. And to those guys who left before FF who said "im not stickin...
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    Paul Walker@Technically Larger 2.0

    What a fun night. Too bad I had to leave early (good ol' work).. But Paul Walker had me brockin out to his set. All in all great party cant wait for this one.. Hamilton needs something like this, just hoping it stays. Now how about some jungle in this city?? *wink wink*
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    Paul Walker at Casbah..

    Hi I was reviewing the event at Casbah (for another site not Tribe). I was by the door when the event got shut down. The cops shut it down for over crowding. The venue holds 130 and there was over 225 people there. The police said at first it could continue if some people were cleared out and...