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    Wut a Monday!

    I just got back from Cuba last Monday and it was HOT & SUNNY all week, and it's now starting to warm up, hopefully for good......Weekend was awesome.....can't wait for summer.....Some fun in the sun & BBQ's.
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    3 Fav DJs'!

    christian smith mark farina miguel migs
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    DJ's this summer

    My choices R Mark Farina Miguel Migs & Danny T cause i've never heard them live Christian Smith
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    New Miguel Migs

    where do they sell this cd? It sounds like i need to add it to my collection
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    MY BAD - Newest set on-line

    can't listen to anything....i think something is wrong with my server here at work...i hope i could listen to it at home.
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    Katfight @ Labyrinth Lounge

    like the place alot...took me awhile to find it though....i like the location.......got there about 11:30 and rayray was spinning with someone else, forget who.......rayray spun a really WICKED set that put me in a great mood the rest of the night. left for system sound bar just after 1...
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    oh shit...it just got really dark and really windy

    anyone know how it's gonna be 2night?
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    Are you cold guys?

    It should have a flap at the end to make going to the washroom alot easier.
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    NFL officials admit botched call

    who cares, the game is done and over with....you can't do anything about it so just concentrate on next weeks picks.
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    CZR Has A Website !!!

    Do you have any problems getting into the site cause i can't get in....it just goes to the home page and intro and that's it....it could be the computer i'm on, i'm not to sure.
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    mark grant audio

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    *Sneak's Bassment Beats*

    That was an amazing party, thanks Sneak. Jaxx were incredible, didn't disappoint. Only got 2 hours sleep before work but it was another party well worth it. I just loved the music last night, it kept me movin all night long. Gotta rest now and head out again tonight. Peace to all. jo
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    WMC Miami post 'em here

    This was my first year going and I can't wait till next year. I've been telling everyone that they have to come next year no matter what. The parties were, at the least, AMAZING. It was sunny and hot the whole time I was there. I arrived there on Saturday. I went to Level the first night I...
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    Theo Parrish and Mark Farina

    I was there for Mark Farina at it was just one sick ass party for me. It was rammed but the vibe was good. The music was just SICK. He is one of my favorit Dj's in the world. He did not dissapoint. For those who couldn't make it, make sure you catch him the next time he comes back. I will...
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    La Fleche @ Limelight

    He was just amazing. He never seems to disappoint. It's true, 2 bad those speakers were in the way because he's always fun to watch. I forced myself to go home at about 2:45am, I had work at 5:00am. No sleep but he was worth it....would do it again when he return's.
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    people, places...MUSIC

    Yeah, I'm going there too this weekend. Where's there to go to hear some wicked house music? Is Sona still good on Saturday's?