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    Sneaks Beats

    "VIP reduced" not so VIP... didn't get in after more than an hour of waiting in line in the cold... disappointing.
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    All Up In Ya Ass, Vista - It's Windows 7!

    Yes, it's the same driver model but they also include newer drivers for newer hardware and updated Microsoft Certified drivers for existing hardware.
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    All Up In Ya Ass, Vista - It's Windows 7!

    It's the Vista core, same thing. If Windows 7 runs well one something, Vista should have run just as well on it, unless it's a driver issue that's newer in Windows 7. The DRM is exactly the same.
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    Anyone using a seedbox for torrents?

    Hmm, that might have been part of your problem, unless you were doing raw usenet searches too. Newzbin is a collection of submissions by users and moderators, so you're searching through user provided data, not everything on usenet.
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    Anyone using a seedbox for torrents?

    Using Giganews here and I have 365 days of retention. I can tell you right now though, that the ONLY place to locate a lot of the music I listen to is from enthusiasts on specialty torrent sites, especially if you're looking for flac. Fortunately with my internet package I get about 1 Mbps and...
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    Next on the Google World Domination Tour: Google Chrome Web Browser

    ...? That has nothing to do with what workdowntown and I were just talking about.
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    Next on the Google World Domination Tour: Google Chrome Web Browser

    The fact that they retain your Google searches for 24 hours concerns me. I don't search for anything that's outright illegal, but due to my rampant curiosity over world issues, technology, politics, etc. there's definitely some odd connections that could be drawn if any of my search criteria...
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    Next on the Google World Domination Tour: Google Chrome Web Browser

    What concerns you most? I exclusively used Chrome but I haven't considered privacy ramifications. I don't even know if I would care about what anyone else cared about, concerning my browsing habits.
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    David Guetta @ Mansion Miami..... SUCKED.

    why not save the $100 and go see him at one of the 20 other venues he was at?
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    Problems after RAM upgrade + help playing HD content?

    ah, I misread. Tired eyes, tired brain from a late night :confused:
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    Problems after RAM upgrade + help playing HD content?

    If you had none of these problems prior to installing new RAM then you probably have either a) a flaky stick or b) incompatible pairs c) wrong timings. For a) and b), you can try and run some memory diagnostics from here http://oca.microsoft.com/en/windiag.asp or off a Vista CD. Run it in...
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    N00b questions: free to air (dish)

    I'd hang fire on getting anything until the news of N3 being taken down in Europe and/or the full switchover to N3 happens with Dish. Personally I'd find a group of people and get in on a subbed bin for DirectTV while everything gets sorted out. Unless you're loaded or you buy a really cheap...
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    Use your GPU shaders to accelerate 1080p MKV files on your HTPC

    Terrible for an HTPC solution as this method forces you to run media player home cinema in full screen mode with no on screen anything... no menus, buttons, controls whatever. This method has been around for a while, but you don't hear much about it because it's so unwieldy. Not to mention...
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    Vista - language setting changes on its own...

    Possibly a keyboard stuck key issue or accidental hotkey issue? We do all our systems as Canadian English and never see this... once in a while, if I RDP into a euro system, I might get accidentally defaulted to german or other such language but there's always a cause.
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    MSN Messenger

    Using Miranda IM over here, with msn, googletalk, and icq for the overseas folk and I never have any connection issues. Very minimal, plugin oriented IM. Give it a shot if you're open to alternatives.
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    eSATA vs. SATA

    Rogers probably disables the eSATA port.
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    Next on the Google World Domination Tour: Google Chrome Web Browser

    On my system, Chrome opens up ridiculously quick, at least 1/2 the time of IE, Opera and definitely Firefox. If you've disabled the google updater, that might be your problem as it could be checking for updates upon first load.
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    Monkey Island

    Just get a ScummVM pack, it runs on a pile of platforms and it's pretty simple - http://www.scummvm.org/downloads.php . Xbox, Wii (awesome controls), Dreamcast, PC, PSP, etc. Hah, great suggestion Rajio, just loaded it on my DS. That's the perfect platform with the stylus... !
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    Xbox 360 owners!

    Hah, yep, I was playing it on Medium Hard to raise my skill since I'm no good at these fighting games since the original SF2. After lowering it down to easy, I beat it as Zangief (after three continues:() and now have the ability to switch between english / japanese per character. Not only does...