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    [DnB/Breakcore] C64 - Scotland Slacker mix - Nov.2006

    Nice! I was actually just thinking about you today - wondered how you were doing! Leslie
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    Soundclash @Docks

    What a shite party. I still don't know how or why I convinced myself that I would have fun, but really what did I expect? The breaks were dissapointing at best and the booty was annoying--fun for a possible 10 minutes and then far too much. I went for Ray Keith and Dillinja and was bored out of...
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    adults who read Harry Potter books...

    I love Harry Potter books, I think they're great! I actually saw the first book with a more sophisticated "adult" like cover at the book store yesterday, I'm guessing for all the adults who are embarrased to read them otherwise.... ~Leslie~
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    be careful picking a roommate..be very careful... my roommate (ex-roommate) came after me today and tried to attack me, kicking my door down and screaming...she not only has made me and my other roommate's life a living hell for the last three months but didn't pay this months rent and didn't...
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    women and jungle

    I love klute! I don't know if it has anything to do with gender really. I do agree that alot of girls might be attracted to the jungle aspect of the scene, but alot of girls would also be turned off of it. I generally find that guys seem to be more knowledgeable about jungle than girls, though...
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    Smirnoff Experience

    I don't know how I fooled myself into thinking I would have a good time at something like this. At times I felt like I was in my own personal hell. What a horrible night, hated the people, most of the music, the high/drunk people. bad bad bad. What a waste of a night. The coat check and line out...
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    ATM *what a crazy night*

    Fun times were had...not as sketchy as I had expected..amazing dancing in the basement, nice to see people I haven't seen in a while.... sleep now....post later.
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    Marco Carola @ Life

    *mmmm mmmmm* good ~Leslie~
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    Despite the no-show I had a great time, danced my ass off and partied with alot of great people..couldn't have asked for a better night Leslie
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    Crystal Method & Uberzone

    I totally agree, Uberzone made my night! I was completely impressed with him! It really all went downhill after that, Crystal Method was very dissapointing. I thought the female vocalist was horrible and reminded me of madonna...bleck. Crystal method was boring and seemed to have no energy at...
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    No more bullshit..OFFICIAL WEMF Reviews

    exactly. *snarf*
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    Acme Labs - Terra Ferma

    I for one had a great time at this party, such a nice change to just relax and lie down on the beach with friends and chill... fun times
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    Breakfest Canada Day @System

    Fun times indeed! Nice to meet Duncan again and see some people I hadn't seen in a long time. It was the perfect way to end my long weekend, such a good good time! Green Rev is tasty!
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    Intimate Productions 2.1: No Strukture

    What a great party! I was dead tired but the music was really great and I loved the venue! Good crowd, a few familiar faces...nice to see you again D-Cypher, even in though it was pouring rain! DJ Doublecross spun a great set and I had a good night! cheers to the intimate crew! Leslie
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    Elusions, Cambridge

    where was it in Cambridge??
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    High Wire - Sky High

    m'eh..this party didn't really do anything for me, saw a few faces I knew...danced a tiny bit, but after the tribe party the night before there wasn't a chance that this party could live up to this one...oh well... ~Leslie~
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    Adam Freeland @ Limelight

    twas fun indeed...though I didn't see any TBK people, cause I have no idea what most of you look like I guess I'll find out tommorow at the party! ~Leslie~
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    Ken Ishii @ S.O.S.

    Was a fun fun night...got on guestlist thanks to my roommate and had a blast! Met a few TBK people...hey Laura, did you ever figure out how to kick step?!? LOL Ken Ishii was amazing, danced my ass off and had a great time...I liked SOS...at first I was really dissapointed that it was at...
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    Saturn Technologies 1 Year...

    Well...what did ya think??? ...I just got back and can I say, I had an amazing time, have too much stuff to do tommorow to have stayed all night...but....it was so good! The venue was probably the best I have ever been too, I was so impressed! Music was good, an older crowd made for a nice...
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    Dj Monkeys Party @ Turbo

    It was a good night, in some ways....music was good, highlight being Madonna's 'Like a Prayer' breakstyle! Danced all night, glad a few of my friends were there cause most of the people there I could do without....all in all, an okay way to spend a wednesday night....