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    Amusing/Strange/Random Pictures

    ^^^^That is awesome!!! I was just watching that.
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    Ice Cream (sherbet, gelato, & frozen yogurt) appreciation thread

    I think you are thinking of Hollywood Gelato. There is another one in the area now on Bayview that is wicked. The Mad Italian.
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    A brand brand new picture thread. (with pics)

    Some pics from my work trip to Israel Outside the Church of All Nations in Jerusalem Streets in Jerusalem Shore in Tel Aviv Old Jaffa Sunset
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    I might try lighting a piece of paper first and holding it up the chimney. My parents smoke out their basement continuously and this seems to do the trick.
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    How About a PET Picture Thread!!

    What kind of pup is this? Adorable!
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    Adidas Star Wars Original 2010 Series.

    I want the skywalkers or the tie fighters.......... I think I would now have to retire my ZX500s.
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    Happy Barfday "The Kid"!!!

    Happy belated!!!
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    Filthy Hands (A Gardening Thread)

    My stocks have come out in full bloom and look great. I have slugs on my lettuce. I heard it is best to remove the slugs and put egg shells around the base. Does this work?
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    does adbusters still make you feel guilty?

    I did the same thing yesterday when I picked this issue up. All I could think was "Oak, Beech..............done".
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    How About a PET Picture Thread!!

    My kitty when I was a kid did that until he passed on at 12. It was super cute. Mine does it now but doesn't suck. She just puts her face super close to whatever it is she is kneading. I call it the kitty massage as it's mostly my stomach.
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    A brand brand new picture thread. (with pics)

    Awesome!! I love it there! I went through your additional pics. Those strange sculptures by the river are the babies they have crawling up the TV tower. They're faceless.
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    Canada's Next Top Model - Cycle 2

    That voice over drives me bonkers.
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    A brand brand new picture thread. (with pics)

    Ostrich? Some pics from my trip to the Czech Republic If two people love each other, they lock up the little lock on the gate together They kiss and throw the key out to the water. Vyserhad Cemetery Amerika Quarry Jablonec
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    i have wine gums

    These are not wine Gums!!
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    Jason Hodges

    I had a wicked time. I had to work the next day which resulted in having to go home early. :( When I heard Cricco Castelli - Life is Changing I went crazy. I have not heard that track in forever. I want to go back and finish the evening.
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    Are they in your kitchen? I had them last year and found that bleaching the floor and then laying garlic cloves along the baseboards of my cupboards did the trick.
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    Cut copy - et alors?

    I am glad I saw them at the Docks previously because I couldn't even find a spot to see the stage. I felt old the entire time and people's asses were on my ass the whole time. The saving grace of the evening was going down the street afterward and getting pulled pork poutine. They played a...
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    Growing up ghetto and the strange cravings that follow

    orange squash concentrate is my favourite!!!!! I am addicted to that shit. I expect it to my in my Aunt's cupboard. I wish I could buy it here. Do you know anywhere?
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    Growing up ghetto and the strange cravings that follow

    But they are sooooo tasty!!! I don't even really like the licorice. I just like the orange powder.