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    Do you spin techno ? If yes......

    coded representing the darker shades of tech :::tone, blue light district, as-sytems, saturntech::: gentllemanjack@hotmail.com aris mad jackin' intensified rythms, three deck extrodanaire tone, as-systems
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    Fast N' Hard....Dj Assault

    this party was typical of what happens when larger scale techno parties occour in tdot...great party with incredible music but not enough response from our city to suppport the promoters. quite a diverse lineup on this one. and it should have been rammed. i can't complain cause i had a dope...
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    Acme Labs - Terra Ferma

    this party was too sureal! i had a kick ass time, especially when you guyz dropped that old blues brothers record. it was an absolutly perfect night to chillax on the beach. great sets by all the djs, hopefully you didnt get too much sand in the pmc. i noticed many thugz representen at...
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    UP! Festival

    it was a perfect day for the party to go down...i had so much fun chillin in the sun and watching the party come together> lets have more outdoor day partieS!!! think of the venue possibilities... the toronto jazz festival will be in the middle of university north of queen!!! word.