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    Team Insomniac

    I'm on that 6/3 tip also... been like that for years.
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    I would believe the guy if he had not been wearing a condom. No one would have the presece of mind to strap on on before slapping his dick down on sombody while sleeping. I think he got busted having sex with someone who was passed out and used it as an excuse to get out of it, as he had...
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    McAfee Security Center Disabled

    I keep having this issue where I sit down to use my puter only to find that McAfee is disabled. I turn it back on and it runs fine...only a day or so later to be disabled. It updates and functions as it should otherwise. Anyone having a similar issue?
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    Outlook gone mad

    no one got any advice? I know we got so many IT ppl out there... I could use some help, as I can't figure it out.
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    Outlook gone mad

    I had to rescue all my email, contacts and folder dir from my C: drive, as it wouldn't boot ( C: drive dead? thread) I wasn't able to do a proper export as you would normaly get to do as a result. After copying them back into my fresh install, My rules don't work... It sees the rule but...
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    C: Drive Dead?

    Locating all the outlook files... The drives lives... but now I must rescue all the relavant data. How would I go about finding all the files to back up outlook? these are the 2 searches I came up with Outlook express F:\Documents and Settings\nick\Local Settings\Application...
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    C: Drive Dead?

    My computer froze up, when I restarted it didn't see my primary or secondary drive. I've had this happen before, and a quick reboot it would come through fine. I ran chkdsk off the windows CD The vol has 1 or more unrecoverable errors... Is this thing hopelessly lost? Or is there...
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    Help quoting a contract job

    You done this sort of thing before... cuz it's quite the cans of worms. Is this going to be a pure custom coding job, or you going to use somthing like OSC as a starting point. A store done in NA 10k+ the best thing to do would be to quote it to other online store peeps get them to...
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    Soulseekers of the ' world ' unite ?

    IROCzANUS I'm on a Sat connection, so My UL is not so hot but give'er a try and see what happens.
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    another interesting building design for TO

    The 70's called they want thier condo/ platform boot back
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    chappelle standup

    more monkey pussy fo me!
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    For those whole like cars ... 911: 996 or 997

    Get a 996 that is well documented. Get on the wait list for the Cayman S fully optioned. You'll skip the price drop on the 997, and after that, you know how well they hold thier value. Have fun this summer, and then switch it off. If you prefer the 996 in the end ( and by what I've...
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    Insurance, are we paying the lions share?

    I've feel that rather then have the gov step in and take over auto, make it mandatory that if these insurance co's want to be involved in other sectors of the insurance market , that thier auto division must be not for profit. Either you keep most of the pie, or you get no pie. I'd like...
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    OKAY.... and i thought *I* was an eccentric when it comes to dressing up...

    All I have to say is WOW. Respect for taking a dedicated pastime to game play and building a lifestyle that pays.
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    I am the thread ender!

    DEEZ NUTZ! in yer mouth
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    I am the thread ender!

    Balls to that.... I never sleep
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    Man sues Ferrari... claims car is too slow.

    The only thing I could see affecting this claimed top speed number would be some retarded test conditions manufactures use to get the numbers they want to see... like having some 120 pound race driver get in with only enough gas in the tank to just reach 186 before the car shuts down. With...
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    Win 90/2000 Partition issue

    I gave it the olde tyme Fdisk... but now my 200 cd isn't autorun so I have to install 98 again then reinstall 2000...I LOVE reformatting
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    Win 90/2000 Partition issue

    I've done a clean install on 2000 on a 98 machine. However, the partition for 98 is still there so when I reboot it asks what OS I want to run. How do I remove 98 from the drive without affecting the 2000 install; as I've just spent forever patching and installing new software. Cheers...
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    Team Insomniac

    Still up too... fawk I can never sleep at night anymore...