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    Does the world end on Dec. 21, 2012?

    Bono is a wanker So, I can't really think of a bigger wanker then Bono. So he is clearly the best one to provide the music for the end of the world. From the soundtrack to one of my favorite movies, Until The End of the World U2 - Until The End Of The World - YouTube dan.
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    First Call on a Sunday Morning

    Well what do you know....my login still works. JEFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY! dan.
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    The Greatest Invention

    Also, Calculus is second, transistors are third. yayity yay yay! induck, dan.
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    The Greatest Invention

    Sir.......I say Sir!! *****slap***** I challenge you to a duel, sir. The greatest invention of all time is clearly the Carnot Heat Engine..... despite having the the disadvantage of not actually existing. seriously....how would all those tortoises holding us up listen to their mp3...
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    pork flu > chicken flu!

    Observed and fitted (median parameters) incidences of influenza reported from RAF camps in UK during the 1918 pandemic of H1N1 (cases per week, starting from week of June 8). Also neat is this: Space-time influenza model with demographic, mobility, and vaccine parameters also the...
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    pork flu > chicken flu!

    swine flu is obviously a plot by Karl Rove, Mossad, and FEMA to assassinate president Obama. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1173672/Obamas-swine-flu-scare-shaking-hands-archaeologist-died-week-later.html dan. **************************** Obama's swine flu scare after...
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    pork flu > chicken flu!

    Kill the world. dan.
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    digital radio in Canada?

    Nosey passer by to the Works Van driver: "What kind of work do you do?" hehehehehehehee Yeah, so I work for XM and got one of their radios for a Christmas bonus. It;s bloody mighty!!!! ....and get;s great reception from my apartment.... Armin van Buuren was talking of moving his...
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    The Pope is dead, dead, DEAD

    He made the world a better place. Rest in Peace. dan.
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    Robert Blake--- NOT GUILTY

    Shatner.........OJ......... alas.........the Holy Trinity is now complete. "Hi this is Dan bringing you radio to the power of X....." ......why am I even awake>????? dan.
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    (more) dissinformation coming from the U.S. government

    Dan Rather: But how COULD I do my job and tell the viewing audience the true source of the 'news story' we were showing them....they SUGGESTED a script!!!! ......also the best way to brainwash a population is to make sure the country's largest newspaper runs a story on how you;re trying to...
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    beware oxycontin

    From what I understand....if you;re in pain then they won;t make you as high as they would if you were not in pain. ANyways....I;ve been on the oxy for probably a year now and I;m still surprised I can give it up for a week or so when I need to. Sure I hate the world and everything in it and...
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    24 : Season 4

    Thanks! dan.
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    24 : Season 4

    Most of the Bittorrent sites I used to use are gone, and the others don;t have yesterdays episode. Where can I download it/? THanks, danl
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    U.S. shoots down missile in test near Hawaii

    The SM-3 is for hitting the missile on the way up. The ground based missiles are for hitting them on the way down. They will be be putting the Aegis crousers off the coast of Korea. They;re mainly for protecting Japan, in exchange most likely for Japanese participation in the rest of the...
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    Survivor 10

    ...man I can;t believe I gave up sleep for this crap. Foiled me again timeshifting. *shakes fist* CURSES!!!!! WOrst. Survivor. Ever. dan.
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    Survivor 10

    heh....it;s funny that that the gay guy is a steelworker. Keep reaching for that rainbow. that is all........ dan.
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    Happy Birthday silver1

    Happy Birthday Tom! YAY !!!!!! MUWAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! dan.
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    Iraqi material missing, says UN nuclear agency

    so they;re missing materials from a nucular program.....that they didn;t have? dan.
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    Happy Birthday Jeffsus

    Happy Birthday Jeff. I have no alcohol so I installed an air conditioner in your honour. Then I did 10 Mersyndols. YAY!!!! dan.